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Dance Plus Season 7 Witnesses Arunachal Pradesh's 'The Trend' Leave Audiences Awestruck, CM Pema....

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Tuesday, December 19, 2023
Arunachal Pradesh
Dance Plus Season 7 Witnesses Arunachal Pradesh's 'The Trend' Leave Audiences Awestruck, CM Pema....
Dance Delight: 'The Trend' from Arunachal Pradesh wows audiences with a lively and synchronized performance on a national stage.
In a spectacular display of talent, the dance troupe 'The Trend' from Arunachal Pradesh took center stage on Dance Plus Season 7, earning praise not only from Chief Minister Pema Khandu but also from renowned choreographer Remo D'Souza.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu, in a post on platform X, expressed his enthusiasm, labeling the performance as a "WOW MOMENT!" He commended the dance troupe for delivering a lively and mesmerizing performance. The synchronized movements and flawless choreography showcased by 'The Trend' captivated the audience, elevating the art of dance to new heights.

The Arunachal Pradesh dance troupe's appearance on the popular dance reality show was met with widespread appreciation. Pema Khandu's commendation further underlined the pride felt for the state's representation on a national platform.

Even Remo D'Souza, a stalwart in the world of dance, was reportedly surprised and impressed by the performance. The renowned choreographer, known for his discerning eye and high standards, acknowledged the excellence displayed by 'The Trend.' The fact that a seasoned professional like Remo D'Souza was taken aback speaks volumes about the caliber of the performance.

The entire audience at Dance Plus Season 7 shared in the excitement, with reports indicating a palpable sense of joy and satisfaction. 'The Trend' not only left a lasting impression on the judges but also managed to win the hearts of viewers nationwide.

Chief Minister Pema Khandu concluded his post by encouraging 'The Trend' to keep pushing boundaries and extended his best wishes for their continued success. This recognition on a prominent national platform not only brings honor to Arunachal Pradesh but also sheds light on the diverse and rich cultural talents present across the country.

As the news of 'The Trend's' outstanding performance spreads, it is anticipated that this talented dance troupe will continue to garner attention and support, adding another feather to Arunachal Pradesh's cultural cap. Dance Plus Season 7 has truly witnessed a standout moment, thanks to the vibrant and captivating performance by 'The Trend.'