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Tragedy Strikes as Two Elephants Electrocuted in Karbi Anglong Forests

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Sunday, December 10, 2023
Karbi Anglong
Tragedy Strikes as Two Elephants Electrocuted in Karbi Anglong Forests
Illegal Electric Wires Blamed: Forest Department to File Complaint Against Unlawful Placement
Dokmoka, 10 December, 23: In a tragic incident that unfolded at Pukdekhora, located on the inter-district border of Hojai and Karbi Anglong under the Dokmoka Forest range, two elephants lost their lives due to electrocution last night.

Forest officials promptly arrived at the scene, conducting post-mortem examinations and carrying out necessary procedures, as reported by the officials. The situation drew the attention of local MAC of Nomati and KAAC, EM Ritish Enghi, who visited the site to assess the circumstances.

According to official statements, the incident occurred in the East Digaru area under East Karbi Anglong on Saturday morning when the elephants ventured out of the forest to feed on paddy. Tragically, two elephants, including a female, accidentally came into contact with live electric wires near an agricultural field. An official from the forest department revealed, "...these electric wires were placed illegally, and we are preparing to file a complaint with the police against the landowners."

While it is legally prohibited to place high-voltage electric wires near forest areas, some individuals continue this practice to deter wild animals. A senior official acknowledged, "We cannot prevent the elephants from moving. They are the original inhabitants of the forest, and they have their own routes. We humans came in between, so we have to limit ourselves."

Local residents noticed the elephants entangled in electric wires and promptly informed the forest officials. The forest department swiftly dispatched a team to disconnect the high-voltage electricity. Unfortunately, the elephants fell unconscious upon touching the live wires, and the forest officials later confirmed their demise.

After the postmortem, the forest department decided to bury the carcasses in the forest area. Locals participated in the final rites, incorporating Hindu rituals into the process.

Police reported being informed about the electrocution of two elephants, noting that an investigation will be initiated once an official complaint is received from the forest department. A senior police officer stated, "We are yet to receive a complaint from the forest department. We will investigate whether these individuals were cultivating on legal land or encroaching on a part of the forest illegally."