ULFA-I's Provocative Dare to DGP: Move Without Security in Guwahati

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Saturday, December 16, 2023
ULFA-I's Provocative Dare to DGP: Move Without Security in Guwahati
ULFA-I Issues Challenge to Assam DGP GP Singh: A Bold Demand for Unprotected Roaming
Guwahati, December 16, 2023: In a striking development, the banned militant and terrorist organization United Liberation Front of Asom-Independent (ULFA-I) has accepted the challenge posed by Assam's Director General of Police, GP Singh. The challenge, issued by the top cop, openly invited ULFA-I to target him if he posed a threat. In response, the insurgent group issued a press release, laying out conditions for a unique challenge.

Challenge Accepted: ULFA-I's Bold Response to Assam's Top Cop

ULFA-I, in its press release, accepted GP Singh's challenge with two distinct conditions. The challenge was prompted by GP Singh's call to ULFA-I during a media interaction on December 15, 2023. The outfit's response outlined the terms of engagement, stating, "We have taken up the said challenge on two conditions."

Conditions Set by ULFA-I

The first condition stipulates the use of Central Reserve Police Force (CRPF) or Indian Army personnel (excluding youth of the West-Southeast Asia [WeSEA] region) instead of state police officers and constables for GP Singh's security. The second condition challenges GP Singh to move freely around Guwahati city without any security for a week.

Historical Context: ULFA-I's Stance on Local Officers

The press release delves into the organization's historical stance, highlighting a decision made a decade ago to avoid clashes with local officers and military personnel of the Assam Police and the West-Southeast Asia (WeSEA) region. The organization recalled past incidents where their members lost their lives during confrontations with law enforcement.

The release emphasizes, "Now again G P Singh has repeatedly tried to turn that fratricidal clash. Therefore, ULFA-I organization has challenged the condition to G P Singh by refraining from the act."

Provocative Statement: ULFA-I Questions Top Cop's Courage

In a provocative tone, ULFA-I questioned GP Singh's courage, asserting, "As we know, you don't have the courage to take on our challenge, as you just have to pick up an unarmed young man like 'Swadhinata Phukan' from his bed at night and kill him with a cool mind."

Ongoing Tensions: A Fractured Challenge Amidst Historical Context

The challenge and its acceptance reveal the ongoing tensions between Assam's law enforcement and the banned insurgent and terrorist group. As the situation unfolds, the region watches closely to see how the conditions set by ULFA-I will be addressed and whether GP Singh will respond to this unconventional challenge.

The backdrop of historical clashes and the organization's current stance add layers of complexity to this latest development, emphasizing the deep-rooted history that continues to shape the dynamics between ULFA-I and local law enforcement in the context of terrorism.