Why No to Railways? Meghalaya's Citizens Express Worries About Heritage Erosion

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Sunday, December 31, 2023
Why No to Railways? Meghalaya's Citizens Express Worries About Heritage Erosion
Concerns Raised on Railway Plans in Meghalaya: Advocates Urge Government to Prioritize People's Needs
Shillong, 31 December, 23: On the 161st death anniversary of Jaintia freedom fighter 'U Kiang Nangbah,' groups in Meghalaya are asking the government to rethink its idea of bringing railways to the Khasi and Jaintia Hills region.

They worry that without strong safeguards like the Inner Line Permit (ILP) to protect local tribes, introducing railways might lead to too many outsiders coming in. The head of the Khasi Students’ Union (KSU), Lambokstarwell Marngar, spoke up at an event in Shillong, saying the state needs better ways to control the number of people coming in before thinking about railways.

Marngar also criticized members of the ruling party who support railways. He wants the government to focus on important issues like unemployment, student problems, healthcare, and helping people start businesses.

The KSU leader promised that they will keep protesting against introducing railways until the government puts in place strong measures to control the number of outsiders, like the Inner Line Permit.

Trebor Suchen, the General Secretary of Jaintia Students’ Union (JSU), shared similar worries during a ceremony in Jowai. He emphasized the need for a careful approach to handle challenges from outside influences, supporting the call to reconsider railway plans.

As this discussion unfolds, the main point is to make sure the government thinks about the local people's needs and protects their identity and way of life. The talks between the government and the groups who are concerned will likely continue as they try to find a balance that works for everyone.