Assam's Finest Honored: A Glimpse into the Distinguished Awardees of Assam Baibhav and Assam Saurav 2023

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Wednesday, January 17, 2024
Assam's Finest Honored: A Glimpse into the Distinguished Awardees of Assam Baibhav and Assam Saurav 2023
From Swimming Prodigy to Cultural Maestro: Assam Recognizes Achievements Across Varied Fields in Grand Ceremony
Guwahati - January 17, 2024:  In a dazzling ceremony that resonated with pride, Assam paid homage to its shining stars, conferring the esteemed Assam Baibhav and Assam Saurav awards upon a constellation of achievers. The ceremony, graced by Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma, unfolded as a celebration of excellence and dedication across diverse domains.

Assam Baibhav Awardees:

1. Shri Ranjan Gogoi - Law and Justice: The illustrious Shri Ranjan Gogoi, honored with the Assam Baibhav, stood tall for his exceptional contributions to the field of law and justice. His legacy continues to inspire the legal fraternity.

Assam Saurav Awardees: 

2. Dr. Kishan Chand Nauriyal - Art & Culture (Archaeology): Recognized with Assam Saurav, Dr. Kishan Chand Nauriyal's pioneering work in archaeology adds a rich layer to Assam's cultural heritage.

3. Shri Elvis Ali Hazarika - Sports (Swimming): Making waves in the sporting arena, Shri Elvis Ali Hazarika's prowess in swimming earned him the Assam Baibhav, a testament to his dedication and achievements in the field.

4. Smt Hima Das - Sports (Athletics): The sprint queen, Hima Das, added another feather to her cap with Assam Baibhav, recognizing her stellar contributions to athletics and bringing laurels to the nation.

5. Shri Nadiram Deuri - Art & Culture (Tiwa Dance Exponent): A maestro in Tiwa dance, Shri Nadiram Deuri's artistic brilliance was acknowledged with Assam Saurav, celebrating his commitment to preserving cultural heritage.

Assam Gaurav Awardees:

The Assam Gaurav category celebrated the exemplary contributions across various fields, covering a spectrum of talents and expertise.

1. Shri Ranjit Gogoi - Art and Culture (Folk & Bihu Dance Exponent)
2. Smt Parvati Barua - Environment & Forest (Animal Conservation Activist, Human-Elephant Conflict Expert)
3. Shri Debojit Changmai - Art & Culture (Sound Engineer)
4. Shri Drono Bhuyan - Art & Culture (OjaPali)
5. Shri Neelam Dutta - Agriculture (Organic Farming)
6. Shri Anupam Deka - Entrepreneur (Industrialist)
7. Shri Manendra Deka - Handicraft (Craft & Bamboo Artist)
8. Smt Meenakshi Chetia - Social Service (ASHA Worker)
9. Smt Pakhila Lekhteri - Art & Culture (Karbi Folk Singer)
10. Shri Tenzing Bodosa - Environment & Forest (Elephant-Friendly Tea Estate Establishment)
11. Shri Nirmal Dey - Entrepreneur (ShitalPati)
12. Smt Jecin Kumbang Pao - Handloom (Weaving)
13. Smt Mary Hassa - Social Service (AWC)
14. Shri Soumyadeep Dutta - Agriculture (Black Rice Cultivator)
15. Shri Upendra Rabha - Environment & Forest (Wildlife Conservation)
16. Shri Rahul Gupta - Agriculture (Hydroponic Farming)
17. Shri Basanta Chiring Phukan - Agriculture (Progressive Mushroom Cultivator)

The glimmering ceremony not only symbolized individual brilliance but also underscored Assam's commitment to acknowledging diverse talents. Each recipient was awarded a citation, certificate, and a medal, along with cash prizes of Rs 5 lakh for Assam Baibhav, Rs 4 lakh each for Assam Saurav, and Rs 3 lakh each for Assam Gaurav winners.

In addition to the monetary awards, the laureates will enjoy various facilities, including free medical treatment at government hospitals, complimentary travel through ASTC buses, and accommodation at state circuit and guest houses. These perks add a compassionate touch to the recognition, emphasizing the state's support for its distinguished achievers.

As Assam continues to applaud these luminaries, the awards ceremony serves as a beacon of inspiration and pride for the entire state.