Chief Minister N Biren Singh Lays Foundation Stone for Project Worth Rs 1766 Crore

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Monday, January 29, 2024
Chief Minister N Biren Singh Lays Foundation Stone for Project Worth Rs 1766 Crore
State-of-the-Art Infrastructure: Imphal Ring Road Project to Tackle Traffic Woes
Manipur, 29 January, 24: In a significant stride towards modern infrastructure development, Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh marked the initiation of the Imphal Ring Road Project, a transformative endeavor valued at Rs 1766 crore. The foundation stone was laid on January 29 at Takyel Khongbal Maning Leikai, Patsoi constituency.

The state government, with financial support from the Asian Development Bank (ADB), embarked on this crucial project to address the escalating issue of traffic congestion in Imphal. Chief Minister N Biren Singh, addressing the gathering as the chief guest, acknowledged the mounting challenges posed by population growth and affirmed the project's status as a top priority.

Expressing gratitude to the ADB for their substantial support, Singh emphasized the multiple benefits that the Imphal Ring Road Project would bring to the people of the state. The project aims for completion by 2026, promising a significant improvement in traffic flow and urban mobility.

CM Biren Singh also shed light on other noteworthy initiatives, including the Lamphelpat Water Body Rejuvenation Project with an estimated cost of Rs 650 crores. This project encompasses the restoration of a 300-acre water body area and the creation of a 140-acre recreation center. Plans to connect the recreation center with the Imphal View Tower at Cheirao Ching through a cable car system were also revealed.

The Chief Minister expressed satisfaction at the return of migratory birds with the rejuvenation of the Lamphel Water Body, emphasizing the positive environmental impact. He highlighted the government's efforts to clean the Nambul River, transport household waste through pipelines to the Sewerage treatment plant, and address issues of mass deforestation.

In addition to the Imphal Ring Road Project, CM Biren Singh announced developmental projects for Takyel Khongbal Maning Leikai and Oriental College in Patsoi Assembly Constituency, contributing to the overall enhancement of the region's infrastructure.

Addressing the prevailing challenges in Manipur, CM Singh reassured the state's protection against vested interest groups aiming to disrupt unity. He urged the people to stand united in the face of adversity.

Works Minister Govindas Konthoujam, providing a keynote address for the Imphal Ring Road Project, highlighted its inception in 2015-16 and approval in 2020. Spanning a total distance of 51.23 km, the project includes innovative features such as a noise pollution control mechanism, marking a pioneering effort in India for environmentally friendly roads.

Konthoujam outlined the road's composition, with 9.5 km featuring 4 lanes and 41.5 km consisting of 2 lanes with paved shoulders. The project integrates an 18 km stretch of greenfield, equipped with solar lamp footpaths and cycle lanes. Along the 4-lane stretch, provisions for amenities like food plazas, cycle lanes, and jogging lanes aim to enhance the overall experience.

Out of the total project cost, Rs 1374.75 crores will be sanctioned by ADB for road and bridge construction, while the remaining expenses, covering land acquisition and other aspects, will be shared by the State and Central Governments. Notably, 90 percent of the ADB loan amount will be in the form of a grant, with the remaining 10 percent and interest to be repaid by the state. This ambitious project signifies a significant leap towards fostering modern infrastructure and addressing urban challenges in Manipur.  #ImphalRingRoad #InfrastructureDevelopment #ManipurProgress