Mary Kom Denies Retirement Rumors Amidst Media Misquote

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Thursday, January 25, 2024
Mary Kom Denies Retirement Rumors Amidst Media Misquote
End of Speculation: Renowned boxer Mary Kom clarifies retirement status, denies recent claims.
Assam, 25 January, 24: In a recent turn of events, Olympic bronze-medallist and renowned boxer, M C Mary Kom, has clarified that she has not announced her retirement, refuting earlier reports.

Mary Kom, a six-time boxing world champion, addressed the confusion in a statement to PTI, stating, "I haven't announced retirement yet, and I have been misquoted. I will personally come in front of the media whenever I want to announce it. I have gone through some media reports stating that I have announced retirement, and this is not true."

The speculations seem to have arisen from a statement she made during a school event in Dibrugarh, Assam, on January 24, 2024. Mary Kom explained, "I was attending a school event in Dibrugarh (Assam) on 24 January 2024 wherein I was motivating children, and I said, 'I still have the hunger for achieving in sports, but the age limit in the Olympics doesn't allow me to participate, though I can carry on with my sport.'"

Emphasizing her dedication to maintaining fitness, Mary Kom clarified, "I am still focusing on my fitness, and whenever I announce retirement, I will inform everyone. Please do correct this."

The boxer's statement puts an end to the swirling rumors and underscores the importance of accurate reporting, as Mary Kom continues to focus on her athletic pursuits.