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Two Arrested for Railway Equipment Theft in Diphu: Stolen Goods Recovered

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Monday, January 01, 2024
Karbi Anglong
Two Arrested for Railway Equipment Theft in Diphu: Stolen Goods Recovered
Joint Effort Success: Law Enforcement Nabs Culprits Involved in Railway Counter Weights Theft
Diphu, Assam - 1 Jan 2024: In a recent development in Diphu, two individuals were apprehended for their involvement in the theft of Railway Electric (RE) Counter Weights. The stolen items, which went missing between Diphu and Dhansiri Railway station last week, prompted a joint search operation by JS Khobung, Officer in Charge (OC) of Diphu PS, SI Deboratim Konwar, IC TOP, and Railway Protection Force (RPF) staffs.

The focus of the operation was a scrap Godown situated in Dewan Bosti, Diphu, inside the scrap Godown of Semson Rongpi, managed by Md. Karim Ali. The godown came under scrutiny, resulting in a significant discovery of 150 Railway Electric (RE) Counter Weights – stolen railway equipment.

Inside the premises, a total of 150 Railway Electric (RE) Counter Weights were recovered, confirming the suspicions of stolen railway equipment. The swift and coordinated efforts of law enforcement personnel resulted in the apprehension of two suspects involved in the crime—Md. Karim Ali (25 years) from Panbari, Diphu, and Suresh Terang (21 Years) from Matipung Rongchingrum, Diphu, Karbi Anglong.

Both accused individuals confessed to their involvement in the theft, stating that their intention was to sell the stolen goods at a higher value. The recovered articles were promptly seized by the police as evidence in the ongoing investigation.

This incident sheds light on the vigilance and collaborative efforts of the local law enforcement agencies in curbing illegal activities. The recovery of the stolen railway equipment serves as a testament to the effectiveness of swift action and cooperation among officers.

The authorities are now focused on further investigations to ascertain if there are any additional individuals involved in the theft ring. The successful operation showcases the commitment of law enforcement to maintaining the integrity of railway infrastructure and swiftly addressing instances of theft and vandalism.

As the legal proceedings unfold, it is expected that the recovered items will be crucial evidence in bringing the perpetrators to justice. The incident underscores the importance of community vigilance and the role of law enforcement in safeguarding public assets.