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India's Historic Leap: Gaganyaan Mission Takes Off After 40-Year Wait

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Tuesday, February 27, 2024
India's Historic Leap: Gaganyaan Mission Takes Off After 40-Year Wait
Indian Prime Minister Reviews Progress and Recognizes Astronaut Designates
India, 27 February, 24: Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi recently presided over a review of the advancements made in the Gaganyaan Mission and honored the astronaut designates with the prestigious astronaut wings. The Gaganyaan mission marks India's ambitious endeavor into human spaceflight, aiming to demonstrate the nation's capability in this domain.

The astronaut wings were conferred upon four distinguished individuals selected to represent India in space: Group Captain Prasanth Balakrishnan Nair, Group Captain Ajit Krishnan, Group Captain Angad Pratap, and Wing Commander Shubhanshu Shukla. These individuals have undergone rigorous training and preparation for their upcoming journey into space as part of the Gaganyaan mission.

The Gaganyaan project is a significant milestone for India's space exploration program, with the objective of launching a crew of three members into an approximately 400 km Low Earth Orbit from the Satish Dhawan Space Centre in Sriharikota. The mission duration is slated for three days, during which the crew will conduct various experiments and tasks before safely returning to Earth, with a planned landing in Indian sea waters.

PM Modi's recognition of these astronauts underscores the nation's pride and commitment to achieving new heights in space exploration. The Gaganyaan mission represents not just a technological feat but also a symbol of India's aspirations and capabilities in the realm of space exploration.

As India prepares to embark on this historic journey, the nation eagerly awaits the successful execution of the Gaganyaan mission, which promises to inspire future generations and position India as a leading player in the global space community.