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Karbi Anglong: 17 Individuals Apprehended by Assam Police Following Kheroni Violence

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Friday, February 16, 2024
Karbi Anglong
Karbi Anglong: 17 Individuals Apprehended by Assam Police Following Kheroni Violence
Swift Action Ensures Accountability in West Karbi Anglong District
Kheroni, Assam-16 February, 24: In response to the recent outbreak of violence in Kheroni, West Karbi Anglong district, Assam Police has swiftly acted, taking 17 individuals into custody thus far. The incident, occurring on February 15th, prompted Assam DGP GP Singh to announce the registration of a criminal case regarding the violence.

Addressing the issue on social media platform X, Assam DGP GP Singh confirmed the registration of Kheroni P.S. Case No. 12/2024 under various sections of the Indian Penal Code. Singh assured that none of the perpetrators would evade justice, emphasizing the deployment of additional security measures in the area to reassure residents.

Asserting the commitment to upholding law and order, Singh reiterated the resolve of @assampolice on X. He emphasized that those resorting to violence would face consequences, affirming the implementation of heightened security measures, including increased patrols and checkpoints, to restore a sense of safety among locals.

According to police reports, tensions escalated when a group protesting the distribution of land pattas in certain areas of West Karbi Anglong district was attacked by miscreants upon their return from the demonstration.

Subsequently, protests erupted across the Karbi Anglong district, with demands for accountability from local authorities regarding the attack. Reports of road blockades in Lanka and Umrangso have emerged, urging KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang to intervene.

The unrest has led to a shutdown in the Karbi Hill areas, disrupting normal life. The Karbi students' body has urged the eviction of non-locals from designated lands and issued a 48-hour ultimatum for action from authorities.

SP of West Karbi Anglong district, Indranil Barua, informed that members of the Karbi Anglong Autonomous Council (KAAC) are assessing the situation in Kheroni.

To prevent further incidents, police are implementing precautionary measures and bolstering security in the region.