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Tensions Flare as Clash Occurs Among Manipur Police Trainees in Assam

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Sunday, February 04, 2024
Tensions Flare as Clash Occurs Among Manipur Police Trainees in Assam
Seven Injured Trainees Prompt Hospital Transfers for Advanced Medical Care
Tensions Flare as Clash Occurs Among Manipur Police Trainees in Assam
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Assam, 4 February, 24: In a regrettable turn of events at the Lachit Borphukan Police Academy in Golaghat district, Assam, seven Manipur Police trainees suffered injuries during a clash between cadet groups. The confrontation, which began as a verbal exchange, escalated into a physical altercation, resulting in injuries to several trainees.

The clash originated when, during dinner on Saturday night, one trainee brought liquor from a local market into the academy premises in Dergaon. A disagreement ensued between two trainees, sparking a larger conflict between the groups.

A senior academy official reported that seven Manipur Police trainees were injured in the scuffle. While three of the injured were transferred to Jorhat Medical College and Hospital for advanced medical treatment, the remaining four received preliminary medical intervention at a local hospital.

Assam Police DGP Gyanendra Pratap Singh commented on the incident, highlighting that the clash involved young trainees from Manipur. He emphasized the necessity for trainees to adhere strictly to instructions and protocols within the training institute, with any deviation to be addressed through stringent training measures.

Singh further clarified that the clash allegedly stemmed from a dispute over dinner distribution and assured that the matter has been resolved. Pictures shared by Singh depicted the trainees seated on the ground in the presence of Assam Police personnel.

In response to the situation, Manipur Police promptly deputed a senior IPS officer, M Pradip Singh, to assess the circumstances. The official statement from Manipur Police, shared on X late Saturday night, affirmed that the matter is being closely monitored in real-time, and the situation is under control.

As investigations unfold, the incident underscores the challenges faced during training programs and emphasizes the need for stringent measures to ensure discipline and decorum among trainees. The swift response from authorities indicates a commitment to resolving the matter and maintaining the integrity of the police training academy. Stay tuned for further updates on this developing story.