Tripura: Man Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Brutally Murdering Wife

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Wednesday, February 07, 2024
Tripura: Man Sentenced to Life Imprisonment for Brutally Murdering Wife
Fast Track Court Pronounces Verdict in Brutal Homicide Case
Tripura, 7 February, 24: In a significant development, a fast track court in Tripura pronounced a life sentence for Gautam Chakraborty, who mercilessly hacked his wife to death in their home. The verdict, delivered on Wednesday, also included a fine of Rs 10,000, with an additional six months in jail if the fine remains unpaid.

The chilling incident unfolded on the night of May 8, 2020, in the AD Nagar police station area of Agartala. Gautam Chakraborty, in a fit of rage, brutally attacked his wife, Anima Chakraborty, with a sharp weapon, resulting in her tragic demise. Following the heinous act, Chakraborty fled the scene, leaving behind his wife's lifeless body.

The gruesome discovery was made the following morning by their son, Nayan Chakraborty, who returned home to find his mother's corpse. Distraught, he promptly alerted the authorities and filed a complaint against his own father.

An intensive manhunt led to the arrest of Gautam Chakraborty from a nearby area. Subsequently, he was produced before the court and charged with murder, marking the beginning of a trial that unfolded in the fast track court of West District from November 2020.

Throughout the trial, the prosecution meticulously presented its case, calling upon 18 witnesses, including the son, neighbours, police officers, and forensic experts. Despite the defence counsel's attempts to portray Chakraborty as mentally unstable and under the influence of alcohol, the court, basing its decision on circumstantial and scientific evidence, found him guilty of the heinous crime.

The court's verdict, pronounced on Tuesday, underscored the severity of Chakraborty's actions, citing his motive of suspicion regarding his wife's alleged affair and the damning evidence linking him to the crime scene. Reserved for Wednesday, the sentencing was delivered swiftly, with Chakraborty receiving the maximum punishment of life imprisonment.

In response to the verdict, Advocate Aurobindo Deb, the public prosecutor, lauded the court's decision, emphasizing its importance as a deterrent against such atrocities. He also extended sympathy towards Nayan Chakraborty, who not only lost his mother but also had to confront the harsh reality of testifying against his own father. Assurances were made regarding the government's commitment to providing necessary support to Nayan, who now finds himself orphaned in the wake of this tragedy.