Bizarre Case: Assam Man Fined for Not Wearing Seatbelt on Motorcycle

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Sunday, April 07, 2024
Bizarre Case: Assam Man Fined for Not Wearing Seatbelt on Motorcycle
Rider Claims He Never Visited Place Mentioned in Challan, Raising Doubts
In a peculiar incident highlighting a lack of awareness about traffic rules, a man from Sivasagar district of Assam has contested a fine of Rs 1,000 imposed on him by the Lakhimpur Police for not wearing a seatbelt while riding his motorcycle.

The bizarre case came to light when the traffic violator, whose vehicle bears the registration number AS 04L 1173, challenged the penalty issued to him for an offence that is typically applicable to drivers of four-wheeled vehicles.

According to reports, the challan (traffic ticket) stated that the incident occurred within the jurisdiction of the Boginodi Bazaar area in Lakhimpur district. However, the man claimed he had never been to that place, raising doubts about the validity of the challan.

He was allegedly penalized under Section 194D of the Motor Vehicles Act for "not wearing a seatbelt while driving." The challan listed two witnesses – Sambhu Sangma and Papa Doley.

The rider contested the fine, arguing that seatbelts are not a mandatory requirement for motorcycles and two-wheelers under the existing traffic regulations in India.

The incident has sparked a debate about the lack of proper training and awareness among law enforcement officials regarding traffic rules and their applicability to different types of vehicles.

Legal experts have criticized the police's action, stating that such erroneous implementation of traffic rules not only undermines the public's trust in law enforcement but also sets a dangerous precedent for potential harassment of citizens.

The man has expressed fear in approaching the police station to contest the challan, given the bizarre nature of the case and the potential for further misunderstanding.

The incident has also reignited discussions about the need for regular audits and quality checks to maintain accountability and professionalism within the traffic enforcement system.