Clashes Erupt at Polling Station in Assam's Moirabari Amid Lok Sabha Voting

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Friday, April 26, 2024
Clashes Erupt at Polling Station in Assam's Moirabari Amid Lok Sabha Voting
Clashes break out at polling station in Moirabari, Nagaon Constituency
Tensions ran high at a polling station in Moirabari under the Nagaon Parliamentary Constituency in Assam on April 26, as the second phase of the Lok Sabha elections unfolded across the country. The incident unfolded at the No. 279 Durabandi Secondary School polling center, where an argument over queue discipline escalated into a full-blown clash, leaving several individuals injured.

According to sources, the uproar began when a dispute erupted over a few voters attempting to break away from the designated queue. The situation quickly spiraled out of control, with tempers flaring and physical altercations ensuing.

Eyewitnesses reported chaotic scenes as the clash intensified, prompting the intervention of police personnel stationed at the polling center. Law enforcement officials worked swiftly to restore order and calm the agitated crowds.

Despite the volatile situation, the authorities managed to bring the situation under control, ensuring that the voting process could continue uninterrupted. However, the incident has raised concerns about the potential for similar disruptions at other polling stations during this crucial electoral exercise.

The clashes in Moirabari have once again highlighted the need for strict adherence to polling protocols and maintaining an atmosphere of calm and discipline at voting centers. Election officials and security forces have been urged to remain vigilant and respond promptly to any signs of unrest or potential confrontations.

As the nation exercises its democratic right to vote, incidents like the one in Moirabari serve as a reminder of the importance of fostering a peaceful and orderly environment during elections. Authorities have vowed to take all necessary measures to ensure the smooth and uninterrupted conduct of the remaining phases of the Lok Sabha elections.