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Amarsing Tisso's Victory Sparks Celebrations in Diphu; Evictions at PGR/VGR to Begin Soon

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Wednesday, June 05, 2024
Karbi Anglong
Amarsing Tisso's Victory Sparks Celebrations in Diphu; Evictions at PGR/VGR to Begin Soon
Tri-District Constituency Cheers as Tisso Secures Win with 3,34,620 Votes
Diphu, June 5, 2024 - Jubilation swept across the tri-districts region as BJP candidate Amarsing Tisso clinched a decisive victory in the 6 Diphu (ST) Parliamentary Constituency. Tisso garnered a substantial 3,34,620 votes out of a total of 6,82,441, securing the only MP seat from this crucial constituency.

The announcement of Tisso's win sparked widespread celebrations among BJP supporters, who gathered in large numbers to celebrate the triumph. Party members and residents alike expressed their enthusiasm and optimism for the future under Tisso's leadership.

KAAC CEM Tuliram Ronghang Speaks on Upcoming Eviction Process

Amid the celebrations, KAAC Chief Executive Member (CEM) Tuliram Ronghang addressed the public, revealing significant plans for the region. Ronghang announced that the process for eviction at PGR (Protected Grazing Reserves) and VGR (Village Grazing Reserves) will commence soon. This move is anticipated to bring about notable changes in land management and utilization in the tri-districts area.

A New Chapter for Diphu

Amarsing Tisso's victory is seen as a pivotal moment for the 6 Diphu (ST) Parliamentary Constituency, which encompasses the districts of Karbi Anglong, West Karbi Anglong, and Dima Hasao. His success is expected to usher in a new era of development and progress for the region, aligning with the BJP's broader vision for growth and prosperity.

BJP's Continued Influence

This victory further cements the BJP's influence in the region, reflecting the party's strong organizational capabilities and its resonance with the local electorate. As the new MP, Tisso is poised to address key issues facing the constituency, focusing on infrastructure development, healthcare, education, and land reforms.

Community Reactions

Local residents have expressed a mix of excitement and anticipation. "We believe in Amarsing Tisso's vision for our constituency. His leadership will bring much-needed development and change," said one enthusiastic supporter.

As the BJP celebrates this significant win, all eyes will be on Amarsing Tisso and the party's next steps in fulfilling their electoral promises and driving the region towards a brighter future.

Stay tuned for further updates on the developments and initiatives under Amarsing Tisso's leadership.