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Election 2024: BJP's Amarsing Tisso on Course for Major Win in Diphu

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Tuesday, June 04, 2024
Election 2024: BJP's Amarsing Tisso on Course for Major Win in Diphu
Diphu Constituency Election Update: BJP's Tisso Ahead by Large Margin
Diphu, Assam – The latest trends and results for the Parliamentary Constituency 6 - Diphu indicate a significant lead for the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) candidate, Amarsing Tisso. As of the most recent count, Tisso has secured a commanding lead with 325,072 votes, surpassing his closest rival by a substantial margin of 144,697 votes.

Amarsing Tisso, representing the BJP, has emerged as the frontrunner in this keenly contested seat, demonstrating a strong performance across various segments of the constituency. His nearest competitor, J. I. Kathar, an Independent candidate, has garnered 180,375 votes, trailing significantly behind Tisso.

The Indian National Congress (INC) candidate, Joy Ram Engleng, is in third place with 120,418 votes, lagging 204,654 votes behind the leading BJP candidate. Engleng's performance has not met the expectations set by the party, highlighting the BJP's dominance in this electoral bout.

The substantial lead by Tisso reflects the BJP's robust campaign strategy and voter base in Diphu. The constituency has shown a clear preference for the BJP, reinforcing the party's influence in the region. This trend aligns with the broader national patterns observed in this election cycle, where the BJP has maintained a strong presence.

As counting progresses, it becomes increasingly evident that Amarsing Tisso is poised to secure a decisive victory in Diphu. This outcome not only underscores the BJP's electoral strength in Assam but also marks a significant moment in Tisso's political career, setting the stage for his contributions to the constituency in the upcoming parliamentary term.