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CM Himanta Facebook Live Session with Major Announcements on ADRE Exam

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Wednesday, July 10, 2024
CM Himanta Facebook Live Session with Major Announcements on ADRE Exam
Important Update on ADRE Exam Pattern
Guwahati: In a Facebook Live session today, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma addressed several critical issues, ranging from flood management to the Assam Direct Recruitment Exam (ADRE). Sarma emphasized the importance of government responsiveness to public concerns, highlighting the administration's commitment to listening to the people.

Flood Management and Government Responsiveness
During the session, CM Sarma reiterated his government's dedication to addressing the ongoing flood crisis in Assam. He assured citizens that all necessary measures are being taken to mitigate the impact and provide relief to affected areas.

ADRE Exam Pattern
A significant portion of the discussion was dedicated to the ADRE exam. Sarma acknowledged the concerns raised by many regarding the proposed changes to the exam pattern, which were initially announced to align the ADRE exam more closely with the Assam Public Service Commission (APSC) format, including a preliminary and main examination.

"Many people advised that with only two months left for the exam, a sudden change in the pattern is not good. So, from next time, we may follow that way, but for now, we will go back to the old method of conducting the exam," Sarma stated. This decision reflects the government's willingness to adapt based on public feedback and ensure that students are not unduly burdened by abrupt changes.

Commitment to Public Service
CM Sarma also expressed his inclusive approach towards governance, stating, "Our government always listens to the people. We value the advice and feedback from everyone, including those who may have criticized us." He underscored his administration's commitment to serving all citizens, irrespective of their opinions.

Moving Forward
The session concluded with Sarma reaffirming his administration's dedication to transparency, responsiveness, and continuous improvement. By addressing public concerns and adjusting policies accordingly, the Assam government aims to build trust and foster a more inclusive dialogue with its citizens.

This Facebook Live session highlights the Assam government's proactive stance in engaging with the public and underscores its commitment to addressing the state's pressing issues with transparency and responsiveness.