Rahul Gandhi Visits Flood-Stricken Assam, Calls for Swift Central Assistance

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Monday, July 08, 2024
Rahul Gandhi Visits Flood-Stricken Assam, Calls for Swift Central Assistance
Proposal for Northeast Water Management Authority to Address Long-Term Flood Issues

In a show of solidarity with flood-affected residents, Opposition Leader Rahul Gandhi toured Assam's Cachar district on Monday, visiting a relief camp in Fulertal. The Congress leader used the opportunity to advocate for prompt and comprehensive central government aid to the northeastern state.

Taking to social media platform X, Gandhi declared, "As their representative in Parliament, I stand with Assam's people and urge the central government to provide all possible assistance without delay."

Gandhi stressed the need for a holistic approach to address the flood crisis, encompassing immediate relief, rehabilitation efforts, and fair compensation for affected families. He also proposed the creation of a regional water management authority to implement long-term flood prevention strategies across the Northeast.

The visit shed light on the devastating impact of the floods, with Congress leaders informing Gandhi that over 24 lakh people have been affected, more than 53,000 displaced, and tragically, over 60 lives lost. Gandhi criticized the current administration, stating, "These figures highlight the mismanagement by the BJP's double engine government, which had promised a flood-free Assam."

During his tour, Gandhi also expressed condolences for flood-related casualties, including 8-year-old Avinash, who died in a drain accident in Guwahati. The Congress leader extended his sympathies to all bereaved families across the state.

In addition to flood relief efforts, Gandhi visited a camp in Thalain housing internally displaced people from neighboring Manipur, who fled recent violence in their home state.

Assam Pradesh Congress Committee President Bhupen Borah welcomed Gandhi at Kumbhirgram airport, presenting a memorandum requesting special central assistance for flood relief and reconstruction in Assam. Borah urged Gandhi to convey the state's dire situation to the central government, criticizing the current administration for inadequate support in managing the crisis.

This visit underscores the ongoing challenges faced by Assam during monsoon seasons and highlights the need for improved disaster management and infrastructure development in the region. As climate change continues to exacerbate weather patterns, addressing these recurring flood issues becomes increasingly crucial for the well-being of Assam's residents and the state's economic stability.