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Manipur Government Extends Internet Ban to Safeguard Peace and Order

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Thursday, September 07, 2023
Manipur Government Extends Internet Ban to Safeguard Peace and Order
Manipur Government Extends Internet Ban, Maintaining Peace and Order in the State
The Manipur government has decided to extend the ban on internet services for an additional five days, until June 30 at 3 pm, in an effort to uphold peace and order within the state. This decision came after an all-party meeting, led by Union Home Minister Amit Shah on Saturday, to address the current situation in Manipur.

According to reports, the Army demonstrated prudence by opting not to jeopardize the safety of civilians. Consequently, they withdrew from the area with the weapons and ammunition they had seized, effectively resolving the standoff between the security forces and a mob led by women.

The security forces had initiated a cordon operation in the Itham village of Imphal East after receiving intelligence that a dozen members of the KYKL militant group were hiding in the area. Their presence sparked concerns regarding the potential for violence and unrest.

In response to these events, the Congress party criticized the central government's handling of the situation. Former Chief Minister of Manipur, Okram Ibobi Singh, expressed dissatisfaction with Amit Shah's alleged lack of willingness to listen during the all-party meeting.

Singh emphasized the importance of restoring normalcy in the state and urged the avoidance of politicizing the issue. He emphasized that the focus should remain on bringing peace and stability to Manipur, rather than using the situation for political gain.

The extension of the internet ban demonstrates the government's commitment to maintaining peace and order in Manipur. By continuing this measure, authorities aim to ensure the safety of the citizens and prevent any potential escalation of tensions. Efforts are being made to address the situation comprehensively and resolve the underlying issues in a constructive and non-partisan manner.