Arson Attack Targets KNO Spokesperson's Residence in Manipur

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Saturday, August 26, 2023
Arson Attack Targets KNO Spokesperson's Residence in Manipur
Disturbing Act of Arson Targets KNO Spokesperson's Residence in Manipur.

Churachandpur, Manipur - In a distressing turn of events, an unidentified group of individuals carried out a reprehensible act of arson, setting ablaze the residence of Dr. Seilen Haokip, the prominent spokesperson for the Kuki National Organisation (KNO). The incident, which occurred late last night between 11-12 pm, resulted in the complete destruction of Dr. Seilen's farmhouse and residence in Churachandpur.

Upon receiving the distressing news, firefighting units swiftly responded to the scene, battling the fierce flames until they were successfully extinguished. However, despite their valiant efforts, a significant portion of the property housed within the residence fell victim to the devastating fire. Furthermore, a Polo car parked on the premises was also consumed by the flames, adding to the losses.

The Kuki National Organisation (KNO) serves as an umbrella organization, representing the collective interests of 17 Kuki rebel groups. The primary objective of the organization has been advocating for the establishment of a separate Kuki land, aiming to address the long-standing aspirations of the Kuki community.

In an unfortunate turn of events further exacerbating tensions in Manipur, reports of firing incidents have emerged from the Kangpokpi area, situated within the Thangat hill range. The firing incidents specifically took place in Phaileng village during the early hours of today, contributing to an atmosphere of heightened anxiety in the region.

To effectively address the prevailing situation, security forces have launched a comprehensive combing operation. The objective is to apprehend the individuals responsible for these disturbances and restore peace and normalcy in the region. The authorities have reiterated their unwavering commitment to maintaining law and order while ensuring the safety and security of the affected communities.

As investigations into both incidents progress, the local authorities and law enforcement agencies are actively working to identify the culprits and bring them to justice. Meanwhile, the affected communities are grappling with the aftermath of these distressing events, hoping for swift action and a return to peace in Manipur.