Honorable Vice President Graces IIT-Guwahati's 25th Convocation, Extols Institution's Illustrious Legacy

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Tuesday, July 04, 2023
Honorable Vice President Graces IIT-Guwahati's 25th Convocation, Extols Institution's Illustrious Legacy
Honorable Vice President Honors 25th Convocation of IIT-Guwahati, Commends Institution's Illustrious Legacy.

GUWAHATI: It was a momentous occasion as the distinguished presence of the Honorable Vice President illuminated the grandeur of IIT-Guwahati's 25th convocation. The institution, renowned for its exceptional contributions to academia and research, proudly stands as a beacon of knowledge.

Addressing the gathering, the Honorable Vice President expressed his gratitude for the privilege to attend this significant milestone in the institute's journey. He emphasized the rich history of IIT-Guwahati, a testament to its unwavering commitment to excellence in education and innovation.

Acknowledging the graduates as representatives of a golden generation, the Honorable Vice President lauded their remarkable achievements and highlighted the countless opportunities that await them. Encouraging them to seize these prospects, he emphasized their pivotal role in shaping the future and contributing to the realization of a progressive and thriving nation—a Viksit Bharat in the Amrit Kaal.

The convocation ceremony served as a testament to the remarkable accomplishments of the graduating class, who have emerged from IIT-Guwahati armed with knowledge, skills, and a profound sense of purpose. With their education and the valuable experiences gained at the institution, they are well-equipped to make significant contributions in their respective fields.

As the event drew to a close, the graduates expressed their heartfelt gratitude to the faculty and staff who have tirelessly nurtured their intellectual growth. They now embark on their individual journeys, carrying the torch of IIT-Guwahati's legacy, and their alma mater takes pride in their achievements.

The 25th convocation of IIT-Guwahati stands as a testament to the institution's unwavering commitment to fostering academic excellence and producing visionary leaders. With a rich history that has shaped countless lives, IIT-Guwahati continues to inspire generations of scholars to dream big and achieve greatness.