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Horror Unveiled: Mexican Man Detained for Gruesome Crime Influenced by Dark Forces

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Saturday, July 08, 2023
Horror Unveiled: Mexican Man Detained for Gruesome Crime Influenced by Dark Forces
Devil Worshipper's Arrest Shocks Community: Mexican Man Accused of Killing Wife and Using Skull as Ashtray.
Mumbai, June 7: A shocking incident unfolded in Puebla, Mexico, as authorities apprehended a man accused of committing heinous acts after allegedly being influenced by dark forces. The suspect, identified as 32-year-old Alvaro, was arrested on July 2 at his residence, where he resided with his wife and their five children. It is alleged that under the influence of a prohibited narcotic, Alvaro murdered his wife, Maria Montserrat Animas Montiel, on June 29.

During the interrogation, Alvaro reportedly confessed that he had received orders from the devil and Santa Muerte (Our Lady of Holy Death) to carry out the crime. Disturbing details emerged as officials familiar with the case revealed that after the murder, Alvaro dismembered the victim's body and stored the body parts in plastic bags. Some of the remains were discarded in a nearby ravine, while the majority were kept on the property.

Authorities also uncovered that Alvaro had used a fragment of his wife's fractured skull as an ashtray and even consumed part of her brain, shocking the investigators. Two days after the brutal act, Alvaro allegedly contacted one of his stepdaughters to confess his unforgivable actions.

Maria Alicia Montiel Serran, the mother of the victim, spoke to local media about the horrifying incident. She recounted how Alvaro had urged one of her children to come and collect their mother because "I already killed her and put her in bags." Maria Alicia revealed that Alvaro had employed a machete, chisel, and hammer to dismember Maria Montserrat's body. Devastated, she confronted Alvaro, questioning why he would subject her daughter to such cruelty when she was not a wicked person.

Tragically, Maria Montserrat had married Alvaro less than a year ago and was the mother of five daughters, aged 12 to 23. According to the victim's grandmother, the couple's two youngest children had been subjected to harassment and physical abuse by their stepfather during their time living together.

The shocking and grotesque nature of this crime has left the local community in disbelief, highlighting the need for stricter enforcement against illicit narcotics and measures to prevent domestic violence. The authorities are currently conducting a thorough investigation into the case, ensuring that justice is served for Maria Montserrat Animas Montiel and her grieving family.