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Manipur: Kuki Volunteers' Act of Releasing Meitei Arrested Individuals Aims to End Violence

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Saturday, August 26, 2023
Manipur: Kuki Volunteers' Act of Releasing Meitei Arrested Individuals Aims to End Violence
Kuki Volunteers' Gesture of Peace Hopes to End Violence in Manipur

Kuki volunteers in Manipur released five Meitei individuals

In a powerful display of goodwill and a sincere desire for peace, Kuki volunteers in Manipur released five Meitei individuals who had been in their custody. This act aims to send a resounding message to both communities, urging an end to the ongoing violence in the state.

The apprehension of the five Meitei individuals, who were mechanics by profession with alleged links to the Arambai Tenggol, took place on June 1 in Gwaltabi, under the jurisdiction of the Saikul Police Station in Kangpokpi district.

According to the volunteers, these individuals had ventured into the sensitive area of Gwaltabi Kuki village with the intention of gathering intelligence. However, they were successfully apprehended by the Kuki volunteers.

Following thorough interrogations, which were documented on video, startling revelations came to light. The captured Meitei individuals pointed to Chief Minister N. Biren Singh as the mastermind behind the widespread violent crisis in Manipur. Moreover, it was disclosed that many Meitei communities are also opposed to this ongoing violence. Quoting the Meitei individuals, the volunteers echoed their belief that N. Biren Singh is a failed Chief Minister who has already lost the battle.

Despite uncovering such sensitive information and recognizing the connection of some individuals to the Arambai Tenggol, the Kuki volunteers made the compassionate decision to release them unharmed. Their primary objective was to send a strong message to their Meitei brethren, urging an end to the incessant violence inflicted upon the Kuki community.

Emphasizing their commitment to ethical conduct, even in times of war, the volunteers explained that their principles strictly prohibit the assault or killing of women, children, the elderly, or captured individuals.

Undeterred by the possibility of retaliation, the Kuki volunteers blessed the five individuals and handed them over to the deployed Jat Regiment. The regiment facilitated their safe return to their respective families by approximately 8:00 pm on the same day.

The volunteers reiterated that, despite being aware of the individuals' involvement in the riots, they chose to release them in their pursuit of peace and the cessation of violence.

"For the sake of peace and to put an end to the violence, we have entrusted them to the care of the Indian Army," declared the volunteers.

As a peace-loving community, the Kukis expressed their heartfelt hope that their humanitarian and goodwill gesture would resonate deeply with the Meitei community. They earnestly appealed to their Meitei brethren to embrace the peaceful mindset of the Kukis and bring an end to the cycle of unrelenting violence.

This act of reconciliation and compassion by the Kuki volunteers serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of unity and peaceful coexistence in the pursuit of a harmonious Manipur.