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Anti-Corruption Operation: Assam Police Apprehends Officers in Bribery Scandal

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Wednesday, August 16, 2023
Anti-Corruption Operation: Assam Police Apprehends Officers in Bribery Scandal

Corruption Scandal Unveiled: Assam Police Apprehends Officers in Bribery Conspiracy
Assam, India: In a significant breakthrough against corruption, the Assam Police's Directorate of Vigilance and Anti-Corruption (DIR_VAC_ASSAM) has successfully apprehended several police officers involved in a bribery scandal. The operation, which unfolded today, saw the arrest of key individuals, including ABC Mizanul Haque of Lahorighat Police Station, SI(UB) Mukundra Upadhyay, and ABC Hirak Jyoti Deka, shedding light on a deeply concerning conspiracy.

The operation came to fruition when ABC Mizanul Haque was caught red-handed while accepting a bribe of Rs. 20,000. The bribe was allegedly part of a larger conspiracy involving SI(UB) Mukundra Upadhyay, aimed at securing bail in an ongoing case. The DIR_VAC_ASSAM's intervention highlights the commitment of the Assam Police in upholding justice and eradicating corruption within its ranks.
In an interconnected web of deceit, SI(UB) Mukundra Upadhyay was also apprehended during the same anti-corruption operation. He stands accused of not only demanding a bribe but also orchestrating the transfer of funds through ABC Mizanul Haque. This grave misconduct sheds light on the unfortunate reality of corruption that can permeate even the highest echelons of law enforcement.

Furthermore, the investigation uncovered the involvement of ABC Hirak Jyoti Deka of the police station in the bribery scheme. The DIR_VAC_ASSAM's unwavering determination to expose and confront corruption within the force led to the apprehension of all those implicated in this unfortunate incident.

The Assam Police and the DIR_VAC_ASSAM have shown zero tolerance for corruption and misconduct within their ranks. The successful operation to apprehend these officers sends a strong message that no individual is above the law, and that efforts to undermine the integrity of the justice system will not be tolerated.

The Chief Minister's Office and Assam Police have been swift to acknowledge the developments. The joint efforts of law enforcement agencies in tackling this issue head-on have been lauded by the public, emphasizing the importance of maintaining the public's trust in the justice system.

As investigations continue, the arrests of ABC Mizanul Haque, SI(UB) Mukundra Upadhyay, and ABC Hirak Jyoti Deka mark a significant step forward in the ongoing battle against corruption. The Assam Police's commitment to rooting out unethical behavior within its own ranks underscores the determination to provide a fair and just society for the people of Assam.