Disrespectful Behavior Alert: Guwahati's Footover Bridges Bear the Brunt of Spitting

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Monday, August 07, 2023
Disrespectful Behavior Alert: Guwahati's Footover Bridges Bear the Brunt of Spitting
Guwahati's Infrastructure Development Outpaces Maintenance: Concerns Raised over Footover Bridges' Neglect

Guwahati, Assam: A prominent social media user, formerly recognized as Twitter handle "@akleshsahani," has drawn attention to the rapid pace of infrastructure development in and around Guwahati. However, the individual emphasizes that while creation is imperative, the lack of maintenance is becoming apparent, particularly in the case of Footover Bridges within the city.

The user, who goes by the moniker "aklesh sahani," expressed concerns over the ongoing development projects in Guwahati. Highlighting the importance of not only building but also maintaining infrastructure, the user pointed out that the upkeep of Footover Bridges seems to be falling short of expectations.

In a statement, the user remarked, "Citizens are equally responsible for the maintenance of our city's infrastructure. It's disheartening to witness negligence even towards our revered deities. I humbly urge the relevant authorities to pay heed to this issue."

The Footover Bridge in question, Ganeshguri Footover Bridge, situated near the Secretariat, has been cited as a prime example. The user shared images and videos of the bridge, showcasing signs of deterioration and a lack of proper care.

Infrastructure development has been a focal point for many rapidly growing cities, and Guwahati is no exception. While it is undoubtedly crucial to usher in progress, the current situation with the maintenance of existing infrastructure has raised concerns among citizens and social media users alike.

As Guwahati strives for modernization and progress, it is crucial for both authorities and citizens to come together in ensuring that the city's existing assets are well-preserved. The concerns raised by the user "@akleshsahani" serve as a call to action, urging authorities to address the maintenance gaps and uphold the city's infrastructure to the highest standards.

In response to these concerns, it remains to be seen how the authorities will address the maintenance issues highlighted and whether this will spark a broader conversation about the balance between development and preservation in growing urban centers.

In our view ensuring the maintenance of our city's infrastructure is a shared responsibility. Instances like spitting on images of deities after consuming paan are unfortunate and demonstrate a lack of respect for public spaces. To achieve a thriving and sustainable urban environment, both authorities and citizens must collaborate to uphold our infrastructure, fostering a sense of pride and care for our surroundings.