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Jayanta Mallabaruah Nominates Himself for Assam Athletic Association President, Vows to Promote Sporting Excellence

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Saturday, August 26, 2023
Jayanta Mallabaruah Nominates Himself for Assam Athletic Association President, Vows to Promote Sporting Excellence
Mallabaruah's Candidacy Highlights a Focus on Elevating Sporting Talent and Achievements.
GUWAHATIIn a notable move aimed at furthering the cause of sports and fostering athletic excellence, Mr. Jayanta Mallabaruah, a prominent Minister in the Government of Assam, announced his candidature for the position of President in the upcoming Assam Athletic Association Election. The announcement was made amidst fervent support from his well-wishers, reflecting his dedication to advancing sports in the region.

Mr. Mallabaruah expressed his profound enthusiasm while filing his nomination at the iconic Nehru Stadium in Guwahati. He remarked, "It gives me immense pleasure to file my nomination for the President of the Assam Athletic Association Election, together with the support of my well-wishers, today." His decision to contest the election is seen as a strategic move to leverage his passion for sports and his experience in governance to contribute to the development of sports in Assam.

The Nehru Stadium, a symbol of sporting history and excellence, served as the backdrop for this significant declaration. The stadium has witnessed numerous remarkable sporting moments and holds a special place in the hearts of sports enthusiasts across Assam. By choosing this iconic venue, Mr. Mallabaruah underscored the importance of preserving and nurturing Assam's sporting heritage.

With his eyes set on the presidency of the Assam Athletic Association, Mr. Mallabaruah aims to channel his dedication and passion for sports into a role that could significantly impact the athletic landscape in the state. His promise to promote athletic excellence resonates with the aspirations of many athletes and sports enthusiasts who seek opportunities to excel and showcase their talents on both national and international stages.

As the anticipation builds around the upcoming election, Mr. Mallabaruah's candidature signals a promising direction for the Assam Athletic Association. His blend of political acumen and passion for sports holds the potential to usher in a new era of progress and development in the field of athletics.

As the election date draws near, the Assam Athletic Association and the sports community at large eagerly await the outcome, hoping that the future President will drive positive change, enhance support for athletes, and elevate Assam's presence in the realm of sports excellence.