Stepping Towards a Healthier Force: Assam Police Conducts BMI Assessments Statewide

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Thursday, August 17, 2023
Stepping Towards a Healthier Force: Assam Police Conducts BMI Assessments Statewide
From Vision to Action: Assam Police Implements Chief Minister's Health Pledge through BMI Tests

Guwahati, 16 August, 2023: In a forward-looking move to prioritize the well-being of its personnel, the Assam Police has initiated a cutting-edge digital program aimed at enhancing the health and fitness of its officers. Under the visionary leadership of Assam's Honorable Chief Minister, Himanta Biswa Sarma, and spearheaded by the Director General of Assam Police (DGP), GP Singh, this pioneering initiative is set to revolutionize the approach towards personnel health within the state police force.

The groundbreaking program, which aligns closely with the government's commitment to creating a healthier workforce, involves the digitized recording of Body Mass Index (BMI) measurements for all police personnel across the state. This marks the initial phase of an ambitious plan that will subsequently encompass blood sugar and blood pressure assessments, reflecting the commitment of Assam Police to adopting a holistic approach to personnel health.

In line with the directive issued on May 16 by the Assam Police, personnel throughout the state, including those serving in the prestigious Indian Police Service (IPS) and Assam Police Service (APS), underwent comprehensive BMI tests. The assessments were designed to identify individuals with a Body Mass Index exceeding 30, categorizing them as obese. This was a crucial step in the launch of the weight reduction initiative, aimed at fostering healthier lifestyles and promoting the overall well-being of police officers.

The initiative garnered momentum across various district headquarters in Assam. Notably, the Kamrup (Metro) district played a pivotal role, with BMI tests conducted at the 4th Assam Police Battalion (APBn) premises in Kahilipara, Guwahati. The initiative's focus on localized assessments underscores its effectiveness and commitment to ensuring the health and fitness of officers at the grassroots level.

Initially, a three-month timeline was established for personnel classified as obese to embark on a journey towards healthier weights, with a target deadline of August 15. However, DGP GP Singh demonstrated his understanding of the challenges associated with weight management by extending the deadline by an additional three months, allowing individuals until the end of November to meet their weight reduction goals. The pragmatic approach to this extended timeline aims to facilitate sustainable change and encourage officers to achieve their objectives without undue pressure.

In a noteworthy move, personnel who may face medical challenges such as hypothyroidism will be eligible for exemptions, reflecting the initiative's compassionate and balanced approach. This recognition of valid medical reasons underscores the commitment to fairness and encourages inclusivity within the weight reduction initiative.

The weight reduction program is not merely a directive, but a comprehensive strategy to foster a healthier, more resilient police force that can better serve the people of Assam. As the initiative progresses, it will not only enhance the physical well-being of police personnel but also contribute to improved morale, higher energy levels, and increased efficiency in serving and protecting the community.

The Assam Police's digitized BMI recording initiative stands as a beacon of innovative thinking and progressive action. By placing health at the forefront, the force is setting a remarkable example for organizations nationwide, demonstrating that a healthier workforce is a more productive and resilient one.