Assam: Drug Peddler Receives 20-Year Rigorous Imprisonment Following Nagaon Court Verdict

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Saturday, September 30, 2023
Assam: Drug Peddler Receives 20-Year Rigorous Imprisonment Following Nagaon Court Verdict
Legal Victory Against Drug Trafficking: Manipur Resident Sentenced for Heroin Worth Rs 3 Crore
Nagaon, Assam - September 29, 2023:
In a significant legal verdict, a drug peddler hailing from Manipur, identified as RK Hopingson, was sentenced to 20 years of rigorous imprisonment (RI) by the Nagaon District and Sessions Court on Friday. The judgment comes as a decisive move in the ongoing battle against narcotics trafficking in the region.

Arrest and Seizure:
The case traces back to October 2021 when RK Hopingson was apprehended at the Nonoi outpost in Nagaon district. During his arrest, law enforcement authorities discovered a substantial cache of heroin concealed ingeniously within 20 soapboxes. The estimated street value of the seized heroin was a staggering Rs 3 crore.

Legal Proceedings and NDPS Act:
Following his arrest, RK Hopingson was promptly booked under the provisions of the Narcotic Drug and Psychotropic Substances (NDPS) Act, a stringent law aimed at combating the menace of narcotics and psychotropic substances.

Two-Year Trial Culminates:
Over the course of the last two years, the legal proceedings unfolded, culminating in the recent verdict delivered by the Nagaon District and Sessions Court. The judgment reflects a rigorous legal process undertaken to ensure justice is served in cases related to drug trafficking.

Significant Penalty Imposed:
In addition to the 20-year RI, the court also imposed a substantial fine of Rs 2 lakh on the convicted drug peddler, RK Hopingson. The court's decision stipulates that failure to pay the fine would result in an additional six months of incarceration.

Prosecutor's Statement:
Public Prosecutor Bibha Phookan, commenting on the case, emphasized the gravity of the charges and the need for stringent penalties in cases involving narcotics. The court's verdict reinforces the message that drug-related crimes will not be tolerated, and those found guilty will face severe consequences.

The sentencing of RK Hopingson serves as a stern warning to individuals involved in drug peddling activities, underlining the commitment of law enforcement agencies and the judiciary to combat the drug menace and uphold the rule of law.