Assam Teenager Rescued from Haryana in Human Trafficking Operation

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Saturday, September 30, 2023
Assam Teenager Rescued from Haryana in Human Trafficking Operation
Barpeta Police Rescue Teenage Girl in Inter-State Trafficking Operation
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Barpeta, Assam - September 29, 2023
In a significant operation targeting an inter-state human trafficking racket, Barpeta police successfully rescued a teenage girl from Rohtak, Haryana, on Friday. The rescue operation sheds light on the continued battle against human trafficking and the exploitation of vulnerable individuals.

Teenage Victim Duped:
The teenage girl, originally from the Barpeta Road locality in Assam, was allegedly deceived under the pretext of a job opportunity. She was subsequently transported to Haryana on September 20, 2023, where she remained against her will.

Missing Complaint Filed:
Concerned family members lodged a missing person's complaint at the Barpeta Road Police Station, highlighting the girl's disappearance and the suspicious circumstances surrounding it.

Swift Response by Barpeta Police:
Promptly responding to the complaint, the Barpeta Police initiated a search operation to locate and rescue the teenager. Their efforts bore fruit as they successfully located and safely rescued the victim from Haryana.

Pimp Remains at Large:
While the teenage girl was rescued, the police have not yet apprehended the individual responsible for duping and transporting her. Efforts to identify and track down the perpetrator are ongoing.