Major Drug Bust: Guwahati Raid Leads to Arrest of DJ Duo and an Accomplice with Cocaine

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Saturday, September 30, 2023
Major Drug Bust: Guwahati Raid Leads to Arrest of DJ Duo and an Accomplice with Cocaine
Narcotics Department Cracks Down on Cocaine Operation in Guwahati; Three Suspects Apprehended
Guwahati, Assam - September 29, 2023
In a recent operation aimed at curbing the illegal drug trade, the Narcotics Department has made a significant breakthrough in Guwahati. Three individuals have been apprehended in connection with a cocaine-related case that has raised concerns about drug-related activities in the region.

Arrested Suspects Identified:
The individuals taken into custody have been identified as DJ Dean and DJ Bedanta. Alongside these two male suspects, a woman was also arrested. The operation, conducted by the Narcotics Department, resulted in the seizure of a substantial quantity of cocaine.

Ongoing Investigation:
Authorities are now intensively investigating the case to determine the full extent of the drug-related activities and uncover any potential connections. This recent development underscores the continuous efforts being made to combat drug-related issues in the region and ensure the safety of the public. Legal proceedings are anticipated to follow as the investigation unfolds.

Gujarat Police Seize 80 Kg of Cocaine:
In a separate drug-related incident earlier today, the Gujarat Police made a significant seizure of 80 kilograms of cocaine valued at approximately Rs 800 crores in Kutch, Gujarat. This seizure has brought to light a new modus operandi employed by international drug mafias.

Unusual Discovery:
The cocaine haul was discovered on the banks of Mithi Rohar village in Kutch. It is reported that during a routine coastal patrol, the police stumbled upon 80 packets of cocaine, each weighing one kilogram. Authorities suspect that the smugglers, fearing apprehension, abandoned the contraband at this isolated location.

New Tactics Uncovered:
Sagar Bagmar, the Superintendent of Police in Kutch East, confirmed the adoption of a novel approach by international drug mafias. Rather than directly transferring the contraband to local receivers, these drug cartels are now resorting to discarding their illicit stock at remote, undisclosed sites.

These developments emphasize the increasing challenges posed by drug-related activities and the evolving strategies employed by those involved in the illegal drug trade. Law enforcement agencies are committed to countering these threats and safeguarding communities from the harmful effects of narcotics. The ongoing investigations in both Guwahati and Kutch are expected to provide further insights into the complex dynamics of drug trafficking in the region.