Assam Education Minister Ranoj Pegu Mourns the Passing of Dr. Chandan Mahanta

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Tuesday, September 26, 2023
Assam Education Minister Ranoj Pegu Mourns the Passing of Dr. Chandan Mahanta
A Tribute to a Pioneer: Dr. Chandan Mahanta's Legacy in Environmental Engineering
Guwahati, 26 September, 2023: The Education Minister of Assam, Ranoj Pegu, expressed his heartfelt condolences on 26 September , 2023 upon learning about the tragic passing of Dr. Chandan Mahanta, a distinguished Environmental Engineer and Professor of Civil Engineering at the prestigious Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (@IITGuwahati). Dr. Mahanta's untimely demise has cast a somber shadow over the academic landscape of Assam, leaving a profound void in the state's educational sector.

In a poignant message shared on X, Minister Pegu conveyed his deep sorrow at the loss of a luminary in the field of environmental engineering and education. Dr. Chandan Mahanta, known for his remarkable contributions to both academia and environmental research, was widely regarded as a pioneer in his field.

Dr. Mahanta's work extended far beyond the boundaries of the classroom. His research and expertise in environmental engineering played a crucial role in addressing environmental challenges in the region. His dedication to sustainable solutions and his commitment to imparting knowledge to future generations made him an inspirational figure in the academic community.

Minister Ranoj Pegu's message not only acknowledged Dr. Mahanta's professional accomplishments but also recognized the personal loss experienced by his family members and well-wishers. The minister offered his sincere condolences to those grieving during this difficult time, extending his support and sympathy.

As Assam mourns the loss of an academic giant, Dr. Chandan Mahanta's legacy of excellence and dedication will continue to inspire students, researchers, and educators alike. His contributions to environmental engineering and education have left an indelible mark on the state, and his absence will be keenly felt.

In his closing words, Minister Pegu invoked the prayer, "May the departed soul attain Sadgati. Om Shanti." This traditional expression of peace and spiritual well-being reflects the deep respect and reverence for Dr. Chandan Mahanta's soul, echoing the sentiments of a grieving academic community.

The passing of Dr. Chandan Mahanta is a loss not only to Assam but to the broader field of environmental engineering and education. His memory will endure through the knowledge he imparted and the positive impact he had on the lives of countless students and colleagues.