CM N. Biren Singh Promises Justice Over 'Excessive Use of Force' on Student Demonstrators

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Saturday, September 30, 2023
CM N. Biren Singh Promises Justice Over 'Excessive Use of Force' on Student Demonstrators
Appeal for Unity: Manipur's Chief Minister Calls for Calm Amidst Ethnic Unrest
Imphal, Manipur, September 30, 2023: Chief Minister N. Biren Singh of Manipur has pledged to hold accountable security personnel involved in the "excessive use of force" during a crackdown on student-led protests related to the alleged killing of two students. In the wake of escalating tensions and ethnic violence in the state, the Chief Minister appealed to the people to remain united, maintain calm, and collectively confront the challenges facing Manipur.

Expressing profound shock over the recent incident in the Imphal area, where more than 100 students sustained injuries during clashes with security forces on Tuesday and Wednesday, Chief Minister Biren Singh spoke out against what he considered an unwarranted and forceful response. Addressing reporters at a program in Imphal, he expressed his dismay, stating, "I am really shocked at the excessive use of what was done to the children. Ministers of the state have personally met the injured students."

The government has launched an inquiry into the serious injuries sustained by the students during the clashes. Chief Minister Biren Singh assured the public that those responsible for causing severe harm would be identified, arrested, and subjected to legal proceedings.

During the clashes, two students suffered serious injuries due to confrontations with state police and the Rapid Action Force over two consecutive days. One student endured over 40 pellet bullets to the head, fired by security personnel, while another, 17-year-old L. Kishan, suffered a shoulder injury from close-range pellet fire. Hospitals have been notified that all expenses for the treatment of these injured students, and others, if necessary, will be covered by the government.

The student protests were triggered by the alleged killing of two youths who had gone missing on July 6, with images of their bodies circulating on social media platforms. The outrage prompted massive demonstrations, prompting the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) to dispatch a team from Delhi to investigate the matter.

"A CBI special director is still in Imphal, and an investigation is ongoing," Chief Minister Singh confirmed.

While paying his respects to 'Jana Neta' Hijam Irabot, the founder of the Communist party in the state, on his 127th birth anniversary at the program, Chief Minister Singh urged the people of Manipur to maintain composure, unite, and collectively address the challenges confronting the state. He called for dialogue and conflict resolution to preserve the integrity of Manipur and foster a peaceful coexistence among its diverse communities.