Lamka Community Gears Up for a Grand Welcome as COCOMI Marches In

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Wednesday, September 06, 2023
Lamka Community Gears Up for a Grand Welcome as COCOMI Marches In
Joint Students' Body in Lamka Prepares Grand Welcome for COCOMI March
Lamka, September 5, 2023: The Joint Students' Body in Lamka, consisting of various student organizations, has issued a notice regarding the anticipated march of the Coordinating Committee on Manipur Integrity (COCOMI) into the region. The COCOMI's planned march up to Torbung village, scheduled for September 6, 2023, has sparked excitement and preparation among the Lamka community.

The COCOMI intends to cross the buffer zone that currently separates Chin-Kuki-Mizo/Zomi and Meitei territories, guarded by Central security forces. In response, the Lamka community, particularly the village volunteers stationed along the buffer zones in areas such as Kangvai, Loklaiphai, Khousabung, and others, is gearing up to give the visiting COCOMI team a warm and grand welcome.

According to the Joint Students' Body, the reception party has grown significantly in size in anticipation of this unexpected visit. Plans are in place to arrange garlands and other memorable gifts for the guests, as per local customs. The Lamka community is eager to show their appreciation for the commendable work that the COCOMI has done in recent weeks and will welcome them with rounds of explosive applause.

The Lamka community hopes to provide generous hospitality befitting the COCOMI team's gesture, emphasizing their readiness to embrace the visitors and celebrate their arrival.

Notably, there have been reports of alleged attempts by COCOMI and affiliated groups to dismantle bunkers of Central forces along the buffer zone. In response to these reports, the Joint Students' Body has requested the concerned authorities to transfer control of these bunkers to their village volunteers. They express their willingness to undertake any necessary activities to ensure the COCOMI team's safe arrival.

This notice from the Department of Information and Publicity of the Joint Students' Body in Lamka highlights the anticipation and enthusiasm surrounding the COCOMI march into their region, emphasizing their commitment to a warm welcome and peaceful engagement.