Record-Breaking Temperatures Grip Major Cities: Guwahati and Silchar Hit Hard

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Wednesday, September 13, 2023
Record-Breaking Temperatures Grip Major Cities: Guwahati and Silchar Hit Hard
Unprecedented Heatwave Grips Assam: Highest September Temperatures Recorded
Exploring the Causes: Deforestation and Global Warming Blamed for Assam's Heatwave

Guwahati, September 6, 2023: Assam, known for its lush green landscapes and moderate climate, finds itself grappling with an extraordinary heatwave. Rising temperatures combined with soaring humidity have created an unprecedented situation across the state. This year, Assam has been under the grip of severe heat wave-like conditions, persisting since April, with only occasional respite.

Major cities in Assam, including Guwahati and Silchar, recently witnessed record-breaking temperatures for the month of September. The mercury soared to unprecedented levels, with Guwahati recording 38.2 degrees Celsius, a staggering 6.4 degrees above the normal temperature. The real feel, however, was a scorching 51 degrees Celsius. Silchar, on the other hand, sizzled at 39.4 degrees Celsius, a significant 7.4 degrees above the usual.

This year, the entire northeastern region experienced a significant deficit in rainfall. From June 1st to August, Assam received a meager 13% less rainfall than the usual average. Concerns among the populace are mounting as the unusual warmth extends into September. Many attribute this extreme weather to factors like deforestation and the ominous specter of global warming.

According to the Indian Meteorological Department (IMD), there's little relief in sight. The IMD predicts that over the next 4-5 days, temperatures are expected to persist at their current high levels, prolonging the heatwave's grip on the state.

Assam, traditionally known for its temperate climate, now faces the challenges of adapting to a changing climate pattern. The sweltering temperatures and dwindling rainfall are a stark reminder of the urgent need for sustainable environmental practices and climate mitigation efforts.

As Assam grapples with this unprecedented heatwave, communities and authorities must work together to address the immediate and long-term implications of these extreme weather conditions.