Sikkim Chief Minister Announces Revival of Old Pension Scheme and More

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Monday, September 11, 2023
Sikkim Chief Minister Announces Revival of Old Pension Scheme and More
Details on the impending regularization of the 'One Family, One Job' initiative and the reinstatement of the old pension scheme.
Namchi, Sikkim: In a significant move aimed at addressing the concerns of the state's employees and ensuring financial security for retired individuals, Sikkim Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang made a series of announcements during the foundation stone laying ceremony of the World Renewal Spiritual Trust in Debrung, Namchi.

Old Pension Scheme to Make a Comeback

One of the most notable announcements made by Chief Minister Tamang was the reinstatement of the old pension scheme. This decision comes after a committee submitted its report to the government, highlighting the importance of providing financial stability to retirees. The move has been welcomed by many who view it as a step towards safeguarding the future of government employees.

One Family, One Job Initiative to be Regularized

Addressing the ongoing "One Family, One Job" initiative, the Chief Minister assured that it would be regularized soon. This initiative has been a cornerstone of his governance, aiming to provide employment opportunities to families in the state, further enhancing their financial well-being.

Development Initiatives for Debrung Road

In addition to these critical announcements, Chief Minister Tamang pledged support for the development of Debrung Road. The project encompasses extensive construction efforts, focusing on road improvement and the installation of efficient drainage systems. This infrastructure enhancement is expected to benefit the local community and improve transportation in the region.

Financial Aid for C&D Grade Employees

Recognizing the challenges faced by C&D grade employees, CM Tamang unveiled a substantial financial aid package. Employees falling under the C&D grade category will now be eligible to receive an advance of Rs 5 lakhs for medical assistance, alleviating some of the financial burdens associated with healthcare expenses.

Shrawan Kumar Award to Recognize Selfless Dedication

As a token of appreciation for selfless dedication within Sikkim's communities, the State Government introduced the Shrawan Kumar Award. This prestigious accolade will be presented annually on Independence Day, August 15th, to the sons and daughters of every Gram Panchayat and Nagar Panchayat who exhibit unwavering commitment to their parents. It aims to honor those who go above and beyond in their dedication to family values and societal well-being.

Chief Minister Prem Singh Tamang's announcements signify a commitment to improving the lives of Sikkim's citizens, addressing their concerns, and fostering a sense of community and support within the state. These initiatives mark important steps towards a brighter and more secure future for Sikkim's residents.