Violent Clash Erupts Between BJP and TIPRA Motha Supporters in Tripura

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Monday, September 11, 2023
Violent Clash Erupts Between BJP and TIPRA Motha Supporters in Tripura
Tipra Motha MLA Biswajit Kalai alleges foul play and police bias in the incident
Jampuijala, Tripura: In a distressing turn of events on Monday afternoon, a violent confrontation between supporters of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) and the TIPRA Motha party sent shockwaves through the West District of Tripura. The conflict unfolded following a meeting led by BJP State President Rajib Bhattacharya at the Bukhrui Community Hall, leaving several individuals injured.

According to eyewitnesses, tension began to mount shortly after the conclusion of the BJP's meeting, as clashes quickly erupted between BJP and Tipra Motha activist supporters. Heated altercations soon spiraled into physical confrontations, resulting in injuries on both sides.

The situation escalated further when, upon leaving the grievance meeting, BJP workers were pursued by Tipra Motha activist supporters. This led to a retaliatory response from the BJP camp, resulting in multiple injuries and the unfortunate vandalization of several motorcycles and scooters, according to sources.

Among those injured were the Officer-in-Charge of the Takarjala police station and a police constable, both of whom were swiftly rushed to Takarjala Hospital for medical attention.

In response to the intensifying violence, a significant number of police and TSR (Tripura State Rifles) personnel were deployed to restore and maintain law and order in the area.

Reacting to the incident, BJP State President Rajib Bhattacharya underscored the determination and resilience of BJP workers in the face of adversity. He stated, "Our Karyakartas (party workers) were obstructed and faced attacks by unruly individuals while en route to the meeting and also when they were returning home. Our Karyakartas stood their ground and protested against these attacks."

Conversely, Tipra Motha MLA Biswajit Kalai swiftly arrived at the scene, alleging that the incident was a premeditated plan orchestrated by the BJP. Kalai further accused the police force of aligning with BJP interests and unjustly detaining Tipra Motha party workers.

This violent clash between political factions serves as a stark reminder of the deep-seated tensions in Tripura's political landscape. Authorities are now faced with the challenging task of investigating the incident, ensuring justice for the injured, and preventing further escalations in the region.