Controversy Erupts Over Arrest of Myanmar Nationals: Kuki Inpi Denounces False Accusations

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Tuesday, October 24, 2023
Controversy Erupts Over Arrest of Myanmar Nationals: Kuki Inpi Denounces False Accusations
Tengnoupal District Gripped by Outrage as Police Label Myanmar Nationals as Kuki Militants
Tengnoupal District, Manipur – October 24, 2023: The Kuki Inpi of Tengnoupal district has expressed its outrage over recent events where police commandos allegedly labeled three arrested Myanmar nationals as Kuki militants. The Kuki Inpi has vehemently denied any association with the arrested individuals and refuted accusations that Moreh-based organizations support and harbor illegal immigrants from Myanmar.

In a strongly-worded statement, the Kuki Inpi criticized the state police, stating, "Ridiculously, the police commandos branded the arrested trio as Kuki militants in Imphal-based news. The police commandos also alleged that Moreh Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) had been objecting to the deployment of commando units in Moreh town, insinuating that this was to facilitate the influx of Myanmar nationals into the state. These allegations were also shared on social media by N. Biren Singh. The Kuki Inpi Tengnoupal would like to clarify that none of the Moreh-based organizations patronize illegal immigrants from Myanmar. At the same time, it will not tolerate unfounded allegations from communal forces and police commandos."

The controversy unfolded when police commandos in Moreh town arrested three Myanmar nationals on October 22, believed to be involved in drug-related activities.

The Kuki Inpi emphasized, "The arrested Myanmar nationals have no affiliation with Kuki militants or the Moreh public and organizations. In reality, they are drug users who were believed to have been sheltered by the police commandos. It is well-known to the Moreh public that some police commando personnel are involved in drug use. The commando units have harbored numerous drug users from Myanmar and used them as suppliers. Moreover, there have been multiple instances in the past where state forces, particularly police commandos stationed in Moreh and Tengnoupal, were caught with drugs along the Imphal-Moreh road."

Describing the news of the arrested Myanmar nationals as Kuki militants as false and baseless, the Kuki Inpi added, "Spreading lies, fake propaganda, and disseminating baseless allegations and concocted news has become a routine activity for police commandos and certain Meitei media outlets since the outbreak of Meitei ethnic tensions. The state forces, especially police commandos, have consistently created false and fabricated news each time they ventured outside their complex. This is why the Moreh public has expressed concerns and desired for them to remain within their complex or leave Moreh town. In contrast, the Assam Rifles and central security forces (BSF, RAF) in Moreh town have had no issues with the public. They are considered neutral forces, and the public feels safe and secure with them. However, whenever and wherever the police commandos leave their complex or outpost, they produce one false allegation after another. This is not the first instance where state forces have levied false accusations against a specific community or organization. Their actions strongly suggest a communal bias, and it is evident that they represent Meitei forces, which is why CSOs have demanded they return to the valley."

This incident has raised concerns about the propagation of misinformation and baseless accusations, highlighting the need for transparency and accountability in such matters, particularly in regions marked by ethnic diversity. It also underscores the importance of fostering trust between security forces and local communities to ensure peace and harmony.