CSOs and Women Organizations in Manipur Unite, Demand Justice for Slain Students

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Monday, October 30, 2023
CSOs and Women Organizations in Manipur Unite, Demand Justice for Slain Students
Meira Paibis and CSOs Demand Swifter Action in Manipur
CSOs and Women Organizations in Manipur Unite, Demand Justice for Slain Students
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Imphal, Manipur- 29 October, 2023: In a powerful display of solidarity, Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and Women Organizations, known as Meira Paibis, in Manipur have joined forces with a resolute vow: they will launch an intensive agitation if the state government fails to hand over the remains of two brutally slain students, Hijam Linthoingambi and Phijam Hemanjit, by November 3.

The call to action came during a public meeting convened on October 29 at Heinoupok in Imphal West district, where more than 40 CSOs, local clubs, and Meira Paibis from various parts of the Manipur valley came together to address the ongoing crisis.

Ningthouja Lancha, the spokesperson of Meitei FAMBEI, expressed deep concern over the inability to locate the bodies of the two students, despite the arrest of some individuals connected to the case by the Central Bureau of India (CBI). This unfortunate development has stirred widespread condemnation from the people of Manipur, who are growing increasingly frustrated with the government's lack of responsiveness.

Lancha emphasized the urgent need for action, declaring that they can no longer tolerate the authorities' inaction in recovering the bodies. The collective resolution taken during the public meeting, uniting over 40 CSOs and Meira Paibis, was to initiate various forms of agitation starting from November 6 if the state government fails to expedite the handover of Hijam Linthoingambi and Phijam Hemanjit's remains.

He reassured that they would persistently strive for justice for the two students who fell victim to a brutal assault by armed miscreants.

The harrowing incident unfolded when the two students mysteriously disappeared on July 6, sending shockwaves across Manipur. More than two months later, videos of their horrifying murders surfaced on social media. Subsequently, the case was transferred to the CBI for a comprehensive investigation, which led to the arrest of five individuals allegedly involved in the incident.

This united stand by CSOs and Meira Paibis serves as a stark reminder of the community's determination to ensure justice is served and that the state government responds swiftly to their demands. As the November 3 deadline approaches, all eyes are on the authorities to see how they will address this pressing issue and fulfill their responsibility to the grieving families and the Manipuri people.