Kuki Students' Organization Accuses Assam Rifles of Staging Arrest to Tarnish Image

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Monday, October 30, 2023
Kuki Students' Organization Accuses Assam Rifles of Staging Arrest to Tarnish Image
Kuki Students' Organization to File FIR Against Assam Rifles Over Controversial Arrest
Kuki Students' Organization Accuses Assam Rifles of Staging Arrest to Tarnish Image
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Churachandpur, Manipur - 29 October, 2023: In a concerning turn of events, the Kuki Students' Organization General Headquarters has alleged that the arrest of Lamtinsei, also known as Seipu Singson, was a staged incident to tarnish the image of the Kuki community. The student body has voiced its intention to file an FIR against the Company Commander of the Assam Rifles involved in the incident.

Lamtinsei, a 50-year-old individual hailing from Chiengkonpang, Churachandpur, was reportedly picked up by the 39 Assam Rifles stationed at Tactical Headquarter Kadamtal Company, Jiribam, on October 14. According to the Kuki Students' Organization, he was initially invited for a casual meeting over a cup of tea, during which his Bolero vehicle was seized by the Assam Rifles.

The student body statement outlined that before the seizure of his vehicle, local women in the area inspected it, finding only his personal diary, a Christian Bible, and water bottles inside.

However, in a surprising twist of events, Lamtinsei, during the tea meeting, was later handed over to the Police with 10 capsules of Brown sugar, accused of involvement in an illegal drug trade, as per the statement.

The Kuki Students' Organization has strongly asserted that the arrest of Seipu was a staged incident meant to tarnish his image and, by extension, the reputation of the Kuki community. They insist that he has been unjustly charged, and no one should face punishment for an offense they did not commit.

The organization's statement expresses strong condemnation for the disreputable act of the Assam Rifles, accusing them of falsely implicating an innocent individual to rectify their image. They suggest that the Assam Rifles may have acted to appease the majority Meitei community by wrongfully implicating an innocent Kuki individual, furthering claims that the Kuki-Zo people are involved in the narcotics trade.

The student body also calls for a thorough investigation into the Commander of the 39 AR and the Superintendent of Police of Jiribam Police to ascertain how drugs were used against an innocent individual to support false accusations.

The statement warns that if the Commander of Kadamtal Company is not held accountable under the relevant NDPS Act, the Kuki Students' Organization General Headquarters will be compelled to file a case with the Human Rights Commission.

This incident has raised concerns about the implications of wrongful accusations, and the Kuki community seeks justice and accountability for the harm caused to their member, Lamtinsei alias Seipu Singson.