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Dhemaji's Bamboo Bridge Collapse: 20 Students Injured, 5 Critical

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Thursday, October 26, 2023
Dhemaji's Bamboo Bridge Collapse: 20 Students Injured, 5 Critical
Bamboo Bridge Tragedy in Dhemaji: 20 Students Injured, 5 in Critical Condition.
ASSAM, 26 October 2023: In a harrowing incident that occurred on October 26, 2023, a rickety bamboo bridge in Assam's Dhemaji gave way, resulting in injuries to a group of school students attempting to cross the river using the bridge.

The unfortunate event unfolded in Chahbari, situated within Dhemaji district. A cluster of eager school-goers was in the midst of traversing the bridge when it unexpectedly collapsed beneath them. The sudden crash sent shockwaves through the local community, prompting nearby residents to rush to the scene, responding to the students' desperate calls for assistance.

Reports indicate that a total of 20 students sustained injuries as a consequence of the bridge's collapse. Of this number, 5 students find themselves in critical condition, their injuries severe.

Immediate action was taken to address the injured students' medical needs, with all of them being promptly referred to Dhemaji Civil Hospital for the necessary medical attention and treatment.

This distressing incident serves as a poignant reminder of the crucial need for proper infrastructure and safety measures, particularly in areas where communities heavily rely on such bridges for their daily commute. The authorities and concerned organizations must prioritize the maintenance and construction of safer pathways to prevent such unfortunate accidents in the future.