Manipur: Tribal Body in Manipur Protests Transfer of IAS Officer, Citing Safety Concerns

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Wednesday, October 25, 2023
Manipur: Tribal Body in Manipur Protests Transfer of IAS Officer, Citing Safety Concerns
Indigenous Tribes in Manipur Demand Reversal of IAS Officer's Transfer
In a strong display of unity, the Indigenous Tribes Advocacy Committee (ITAC), representing the tribal populations of Pherzawl and Jiribam Districts in Manipur, has voiced their condemnation of the recent transfer of an IAS officer. The group is demanding the cancellation of this decision, emphasizing their deep dissatisfaction and concerns about the safety and well-being of their indigenous communities.

The controversy centers around the transfer of Lalramsang Infimate, an IAS officer who belongs to the Kuki-ZomiHmar Mizo community, from his current post to Imphal. The move has ignited a furor among the tribal populations, who are collectively voicing their apprehensions.

In a press statement released on October 25, 2023, the ITAC made their stance clear, stating, "On this 25th day of October 2023, we stand united in our cause to protect our tribal brethren and assert our genuine demands to the government."

The origins of this protest date back to October 17 when ITAC initially issued a press statement decrying the transfer order, identified as No. MISCDP-1/20/2023-DP-DP, which involved Lalramsang Infimate. The group expressed their deep concern, highlighting the unfortunate loss of numerous tribal lives in the region often referred to as the "Valley of Death."

"We, therefore, urge the government of Manipur to reconsider the said order and take into account the security and safety concerns of the indigenous hill tribes of Pherzawl and Jiribam Districts. We demand that the government protects the lives of our officers the same way they prioritize the safety and well-being of the Meiteis," the press release further emphasized.

The ITAC's demands do not stop at mere protest. They are urging the government to pay heed to the collective voice of the indigenous communities and to take immediate action to address their security concerns. The statement warned, "Failure to address these issues will only deepen the divide and perpetuate the injustice that our people have suffered for far too long."

The protest by ITAC highlights the pressing need to consider the unique security challenges faced by the indigenous tribes of Pherzawl and Jiribam Districts, emphasizing the significance of their welfare and protection. The tribal body awaits the government's response as the community remains steadfast in their pursuit of justice and safety for their people.