Kangpokpi Women Take a Stand Against Gun Attack in Manipur

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Monday, October 23, 2023
Kangpokpi Women Take a Stand Against Gun Attack in Manipur
Local Bodies Demand Swift Action and Apology
Kangpokpi, Manipur - October 23, 2023: In a display of unity and resilience, Kangpokpi's local bodies, predominantly women, have taken to the streets to denounce an alleged gun attack on Kuki-Zo women in a moving vehicle. The incident occurred on the evening of October 16 and has sent shockwaves through the strife-torn region of Manipur.

The women of Kangpokpi District Headquarters have been foregoing their usual sleep as part of the Committee on Tribal Unity Sadar Hills Kangpokpi's 24x7 sit-in-protest, a response to the ongoing unrest in Manipur and their call for a swift resolution for the Kuki-Zo people.

According to the Kangpokpi Town Committee, on the fateful evening of October 16 around 7:00 p.m., a speeding silver car carrying armed miscreants opened fire on women on night duty at Kangpokpi bazar along National Highway 2. The assailants then fled the scene.

The local bodies, under the Kangpokpi Town Committee, issued a notice on various social media platforms, urging the miscreants to voluntarily surrender to them by October 20. Unfortunately, no one has come forward to claim responsibility or surrender.

In response to the incident, hundreds of people, primarily women, staged a sit-in-protest along National Highway 2, vehemently condemning the indiscriminate and unprovoked firing on the women working night duty in Kangpokpi.

Protestors chanted slogans such as "We Condemn the indiscriminate and unprovoked firing," "We Don't Want Bullets," and "We Want Separate Administration." They held placards bearing messages like "Let's Talk But Not With Bullets," "Let Us Be In Peace In Kuki Zoland," and "Senseless Act Is Condemned By All."

Boichong Haokip, a leader of the Kangpokpi Women Welfare Organization (KWWO), expressed deep concern about the ongoing turmoil in Manipur and the lack of action from authorities. She noted that the Kuki-Zo women have been standing guard at Kangpokpi to draw the immediate attention of the Central Government for a timely solution.

Regrettably, on October 16, unidentified armed individuals fired multiple rounds at the women from a speeding silver car, leaving a mark of fear in the town. Despite notifications from the local bodies, the miscreants have not voluntarily surrendered, prompting this strong protest against such senseless acts in civilized society.

Boichong Haokip emphasized that, especially during these tense times in Manipur, the Kuki-Zo people do not want to endure such inhumane acts. She demanded an immediate apology from the perpetrators to the women of Kangpokpi and issued a stern warning that the local bodies would take stringent action should such acts reoccur in the future.

Members of the Kangpokpi Town Committee and Kangpokpi Youth Union joined the protest, showing solidarity and a united front against this reprehensible violence.