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NSCN(K-YA) Militant Cadre Surrenders in Arunachal Pradesh, Shares Tales of Forced Induction

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Sunday, October 22, 2023
Arunachal Pradesh
NSCN(K-YA) Militant Cadre Surrenders in Arunachal Pradesh, Shares Tales of Forced Induction
Arms Down, Hopes Up: The Untold Story of a Militant's Surrender in Arunachal Pradesh
Tirap, Arunachal Pradesh - October 22, 2023: In a significant development for the security situation in Arunachal Pradesh, a cadre belonging to the banned militant group, National Socialist Council of Nagaland (NSCN) K-YA, took a momentous step by surrendering before the Tirap Police on October 22. This voluntary surrender marks a turning point in the life of Lieutenant Wanghong Nokpa, who was part of the NSCN(K-YA) militant organization.

The surrender took place at PS Lazu, where Lieutenant Wanghong Nokpa willingly submitted himself before OC PS Lazu, SI L Kimsing, and a team from the 6th Assam Rifles. In his possession, he had a 9mm pistol and three rounds of ammunition, which he relinquished as a sign of his commitment to peace and rehabilitation. Following his surrender, he was escorted by the District Police and 6th Assam Rifles to the Deputy Commissioner's office in Tirap, where he received a formal surrender certificate.

What Lies Behind the Surrender:
Lieutenant Wanghong Nokpa's journey from a militant cadre to a surrendering individual is marked by a harrowing past. He disclosed, during an initial interrogation, that his association with the NSCN(K-YA) had roots dating back to the year 1999 when he was just a sixth-grader at Barap Middle School. It was then that he, along with 18 other young boys, was forcibly taken by the then Capt. Kewang Diotsa of NSCN(K) for induction into their organization.

After their induction, they underwent a rigorous three-month basic training program. Upon its completion, Lieutenant Wanghong Nokpa assumed the rank of SS Private. During his time within the organization, he faced immense physical and mental hardships, including mental torture inflicted by other militants. Despite his sacrifices, he never received any stipend or remuneration during his stay at the camp.

The Path to Redemption:
Driven by a desire to break free from the shackles of militancy and to care for his family, Lieutenant Wanghong Nokpa took the courageous step to surrender. In a heartfelt plea, he shared his experience of being misled and misguided by the camp leaders when he initially joined the outfit. He urged young individuals to stay away from such anti-national elements, emphasizing the importance of choosing the path of peace and prosperity over the perilous road of militancy.

The surrender of Lieutenant Wanghong Nokpa signifies not only a personal redemption but also a critical moment in the ongoing efforts to encourage militants to return to the folds of society. It serves as a stark reminder of the importance of offering avenues for rehabilitation and de-radicalization, enabling individuals to escape the clutches of militancy and lead fulfilling lives as responsible citizens.