Assam Youth Joins ULFA-I Despite Warnings, Pleas for Safe Return

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Wednesday, November 01, 2023
Assam Youth Joins ULFA-I Despite Warnings, Pleas for Safe Return
ULFA-I Membership Confirmed as Video Surfaces
Bajali, Assam - 01 November, 2023: In a concerning turn of events, a young man from Assam, Palash Konwar, has reportedly joined the banned militant group ULFA-I, defying warnings issued by DGP GP Singh against affiliating with such organizations.

Hailing from Damoikhati in the Borpathar district of Dibrugarh, Palash Konwar has been identified as the individual who recently pledged allegiance to ULFA-I in a video that has been circulating on social media. His decision to join the group has left his family in distress, and they have made an emotional plea to ULFA-I Commander-in-Chief Paresh Baruah for his safe return.

The case of Palash Konwar is not an isolated incident. Reports indicate that a young person from the Bajali district had joined ULFA-I in 2022 and faced a tragic fate after attempting to escape from the group's camp in Myanmar. Alongside Deep Axom, also known as Tanmoy Bora, the deceased Pranab Axom, also known as Abhilash Kalita, was purportedly sentenced to death by the ULFA-I for their escape attempts.

The conditions within the ULFA-I camp have come under scrutiny, with allegations that cadres are provided with meager sustenance, consisting of only "Parimal Rice" and "Lai Xaak," twice a day. Abhilash's father has taken a stand and appealed to Paresh Baruah to address and clarify the situation regarding the welfare and treatment of those affiliated with the militant group.

The recruitment of young individuals into banned militant groups remains a pressing concern, and despite warnings from law enforcement, cases like Palash Konwar's highlight the challenges faced in preventing such affiliations. The safety and well-being of those who join these groups continue to be a topic of concern, raising questions about the conditions they endure and the need for transparency in addressing these issues.