Former Army Personnel Alleges Exploitation by Security Forces in Defaming ULFA (I)

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Wednesday, November 01, 2023
Former Army Personnel Alleges Exploitation by Security Forces in Defaming ULFA (I)
The Alleged Use of Assamese Youths in Fake Explosions 
Assam - 01 November, 2023: A former army serviceman, now a member of the United Liberation Front of Assam (ULFA (I)), a group classified as a separatist and insurgent organization often considered a terrorist group, has come forward with troubling allegations. He is accusing security forces of exploiting young individuals to carry out criminal acts, ultimately tarnishing the reputation of the insurgent group.

Paban Neog, the ex-serviceman turned ULFA (I) cadre, has shared his experiences, shedding light on the activities of security forces in Assam and the claims he's making against them.

Hailing from Narayanapur in Lakhimpur district, Neog stated that he served in the Indian Army's Assam Regiment from 2017 to 2023 as a jawan at a camp located in Tinkukia.

Neog's allegations center around the Indian Army's purported involvement in coercing Assamese youths within the force to stage fake explosions, all in an effort to discredit the ULFA (I). Frustrated with these orders and in disagreement with his superiors, Neog made the difficult decision to leave the army, subsequently joining the ULFA (I) in June 2023.

One notable incident that Neog mentioned was a blast that occurred in May 2023 in Tinsukia's Makum. He claimed that three of his former army colleagues, identified as Hemanta Chetia, Krishnia Moran, and Bhadrajit Moran, orchestrated a bomb blast in the name of ULFA (I) under the orders of the commander of Dishah camp. According to Neog, similar actions are being carried out in various camps across Assam.

Neog also revealed that the Indian Army has deployed field intelligence officers in multiple areas of Tinsukia, a role he himself held while on duty. He expressed his strong disapproval of this practice, as he believed it did not serve the best interests of his community.

The cadre further emphasized that while the people of Assam consider themselves Indian, the Indian Army does not always reciprocate this sentiment, creating a sense of alienation.

Before joining the Indian Army, Paban Neog represented India in the National Athletic Meet in 2015, where he emerged as the victor in the 400-meter race held in Delhi. However, the accuracy of these claims remains unverified, and there may be questions surrounding the veracity of this information.

These allegations raise serious concerns about the methods employed by security forces and their potential impact on both the reputation of insurgent groups like ULFA (I) and the well-being of the Assamese youth who find themselves caught in the crossfire. The claims made by Neog warrant a thorough investigation and further examination to determine their validity and implications.