Exploitation Nexus Uncovered: Bhiwani and Assam Police Collaborate to Crush Trafficking Ring

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Monday, November 27, 2023
Exploitation Nexus Uncovered: Bhiwani and Assam Police Collaborate to Crush Trafficking Ring
Victims Share Harrowing Stories of False Promises and Forced Marriages
Bhiwani, November 26 : A collaborative effort between Bhiwani and Assam law enforcement has successfully unraveled a clandestine trafficking ring, shedding light on a disturbing web of exploitation targeting minor girls from Assam. The accused, along with accomplices in a Bhiwani village, operated a harrowing scheme, deceitfully promising marriage to the victims and subsequently selling them to unmarried men in Haryana.

In a joint operation, authorities intervened in Hariyawas and Bidhnoi villages of Bhiwani district, rescuing two girls from the clutches of this dark nexus. The accused, armed with 26 mobile numbers, is currently evading authorities along with his sister and brother-in-law.

Inspector Habibur Rahman from Assam's Gauripur police station disclosed crucial details of the ongoing investigation. One of the rescued girls is now under Assam police custody, en route to reunification with her family. The second girl is in the care of the Child Welfare Committee (CWC) in Bhiwani, awaiting a transfer to Assam.

Rahman highlighted the accused's sophisticated operation, utilizing 26 mobile numbers, including seven from Haryana and 19 from Assam. The accused's sister, Pinki, married in a Bhiwani village several years ago, collaborated with her husband in seeking customers, specifically targeting those beyond the conventional marriageable age.

Satender Tanwar, president of Bhiwani Child Welfare Committee, shared the distressing economic aspect of the exploitation. The accused allegedly sold one girl to a family in Hariyawas village for Rs 1.30 lakh and another to a family in Bidhnoi village for Rs 1.10 lakh. Victims recounted chilling tales of deception, with one girl coerced into an unwanted marriage in Bhiwani after being promised a journey to Shillong.

This operation exposes the grim realities of human trafficking, emphasizing the pressing need for heightened vigilance and collaborative efforts between law enforcement agencies to shield vulnerable individuals from exploitation. As the pursuit of truth remains paramount, investigators are committed to holding those accountable for their reprehensible actions, bringing justice to the victims and closure to this distressing chapter.