Surprise Unveiled: Guwahati Student Caught Trying to Smuggle Drugs through Post Office

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Sunday, November 26, 2023
Surprise Unveiled: Guwahati Student Caught Trying to Smuggle Drugs through Post Office
Caught Red-Handed: Local student's daring drug smuggling plan intercepted at Noonmati post office.
Guwahati, 26 November, 2023: Something unexpected happened at the Noonmati post office in Guwahati. A student from a local school was caught trying to send drugs through the postal service. This not only shows a worrying trend of smuggling but also how postal officials and the police can stop these kinds of tricky plans.

A New Way to Smuggle:
The student was caught red-handed, and it turns out they were trying a new way to smuggle drugs using the post office. This is not the usual method, and it's surprising how they thought they could get away with it.

The Alert Post Master:
A person named Post Master Suren Talukdar noticed something was off with a package going to Delhi. When he checked, he found drugs hidden in liquid bottles. He quickly told his staff to watch out for similar packages, and that's how they caught the student.

Fast Action and Catching the Student:
Thanks to the quick response, the post office staff caught the student. The police got involved, and now they are looking into the case to understand more about what was going on.

Finding Drugs and Investigating:
The police found about 7-8 kilograms of suspicious items when they caught the student. But they're not sure how many other packages like this might have already been delivered. The police are now checking everything to get a better idea of what happened.

Who the Student Is:
The student is only 16 years old and comes from Mizoram. They live in Noonmati and go to a school in the city. It's surprising to know that someone so young would try to do something like this.

This incident teaches us that we need to be careful everywhere to stop people from doing wrong things. The police and the post office need to work together to make sure these kinds of plans don't work. As they look into this case, they're also figuring out how to stop others from trying similar things in the future.