Assam: Shocking Attack and Robbery in Jorhat: Businessman's Son Assaulted, Rs 16 Lakh Stolen

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Sunday, November 26, 2023
Assam: Shocking Attack and Robbery in Jorhat: Businessman's Son Assaulted, Rs 16 Lakh Stolen
Security Concerns Exposed: Attackers on bikes without number plates reveal lapses in safety measures in the locality.

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Jorhat, Assam - 26 November, 2023: In a startling incident on November 25, a group of attackers with cricket bats targeted Mihir Dalmia in Jorhat. Mihir, son of local businessman Kamal Dalmia, had Rs 16 lakh stolen from him during the assault. The attackers, riding bikes without number plates, exposed serious security issues in the area.

Details of the Incident:
The attack happened in Marwari Patti, Jorhat, as Mihir was heading home after closing his shop. The four assailants, arriving on two bikes, attacked him in the dark, leaving him with severe injuries on his head and eyes. The incident took place on a deserted road, and the attackers fled after grabbing the bag of money, leaving a cricket bat behind.

Response and Investigation:
Local people quickly informed Mihir's father and the police. Superintendent of Police Mohanlal Meena arrived at the scene, and Rahul Deuri from Sadar police station also responded promptly. The lack of security arrangements in the area drew criticism from traders, leading to increased scrutiny of CCTV footage.

Community Reaction:
Makhanlal Gattani, President of the Upper Assam Chamber of Commerce, rushed to the scene after hearing about the incident. The unexpected attack has left the community shocked and raised concerns about safety. The investigation is ongoing, focusing on apprehending the culprits and addressing security issues highlighted by the incident.

This incident emphasizes the need for better security measures in the area to keep residents safe. The community stands united in ensuring swift action against the attackers and working towards a safer environment for everyone.