Manipur Chief Minister Signals Progress in Talks with Valley-Based Outfit for Peace Accord

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Sunday, November 26, 2023
Manipur Chief Minister Signals Progress in Talks with Valley-Based Outfit for Peace Accord
Advancements in Talks: N Biren Singh hints at finalizing discussions with a prominent Valley-based proscribed outfit.
Imphal, Manipur - 26 November, 2023: Manipur Chief Minister N Biren Singh revealed today that the government is in the final stages of discussions with a proscribed outfit based in the Valley and anticipates signing a peace accord in the near future. Despite not explicitly naming the militant group, Singh conveyed optimism about the ongoing negotiations during a press interaction in Imphal.

Advancements in Peace Talks:
Speaking to the media, Chief Minister N Biren Singh disclosed that the discussions with the underground group have reached an advanced stage, hinting at an imminent peace agreement. He expressed confidence in the progress made, stating, "Yes, just that we are advancing (in talks). And we are expecting to sign a peace accord with one big UG (underground group) very soon."

Historical Context:
This isn't the first time Chief Minister Biren Singh has acknowledged talks between the government and a Valley-based armed group. However, Singh has consistently refrained from publicly identifying the specific militant outfit involved in the negotiations. Despite the discreet approach, insider sources suggest that the outfit in question holds prominence in the region.

Anticipation Surrounding Peace Accord:
The announcement by the Manipur Chief Minister has sparked anticipation and speculation about the potential implications of the impending peace accord. While details remain guarded, the assurance of progress in discussions signifies a significant development in efforts to foster peace and stability in the region.

Caution in Naming the Outfit:
Notably, Chief Minister N Biren Singh has maintained a deliberate silence regarding the identity of the militant group, emphasizing a cautious approach. This discretion is often observed in delicate negotiations to ensure the conducive environment for successful outcomes.

Community Response:
As news of the advancing peace talks circulates, residents and stakeholders in Manipur are keenly observing the developments, hopeful for a positive resolution that contributes to lasting peace in the region.

The revelation by Chief Minister N Biren Singh regarding the advanced stage of talks with a Valley-based proscribed outfit signifies a potential breakthrough in addressing long-standing issues. As the region awaits the formalization of the peace accord, the cautious optimism expressed by the Chief Minister underscores the delicate nature of negotiations and the collective desire for sustained peace in Manipur.