Tripura Police Arrest 14 Bangladeshi Nationals for Illegal Entry, Uncover Network of Middlemen

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Monday, November 13, 2023
Tripura Police Arrest 14 Bangladeshi Nationals for Illegal Entry, Uncover Network of Middlemen
Local Middlemen Aided Entry, Two Arrested Alongside Bangladeshi Nationals
Tripura, November 13, 2023:
In a significant operation, the Tripura Police, in collaboration with the Border Security Force (BSF), apprehended 14 Bangladeshi nationals in Sabroom, South Tripura, for entering India illegally. The arrests took place following a tip-off, leading to a joint effort by the Tripura Police and BSF personnel from the 96 Battalion.

The group, which included women and children, was found taking refuge at the residence of a local individual identified as Kraisu Mog in the Baishnabpur area. Local residents Athubai Mog and Khoka Tripura were also taken into custody for their involvement as middlemen in facilitating the illegal entry of Bangladeshi nationals into India.

Preliminary investigations suggest that the arrested individuals had entered India with the intention of traveling to Karnataka. The Sabroom Police, accompanied by BSF, swiftly intervened at Kraisu Mog's residence, detaining the 14 Bangladeshis, comprising four women, four men, and children.

The Sabroom division, encompassing a 62-km border with Bangladesh, faces challenges in full fencing due to geographical constraints. Officer-in-charge of the Sabroom Police station, Apu Das, highlighted the issue, stating, "The 62-km border in the Sabroom division could not be fully fenced due to geographical problems, and human traffickers are using it as a result. We are showing zero tolerance towards human trafficking. Those accused of assisting in infiltration are also being booked under stringent charges that deal with human trafficking.”

This crackdown follows closely on the heels of a recent operation by the National Investigation Agency (NIA), where 25 middlemen from Tripura were apprehended. This group was allegedly involved in facilitating the entry of Rohingyas and Bangladeshis into Tripura. The concerted efforts by law enforcement signal a resolute stance against illegal immigration and human trafficking, underscoring the commitment to maintaining the integrity of India's borders.